Safe Cycling

Students learn about cycling laws in Japan with a quiz game!

As someone who cycles to work, I get into close-calls with high schoolers on their bikes on what feels like a daily basis. This got me wondering, "Do students learn about cycling laws at school?" I asked my JTE, and their answer was...nope! This led me to make this quiz for my JHS 3rd-year students who will be able to cycle to school in April.

Although this isn't an English activity per say, I find it to be important, and my JTE loved the idea. English translations are included for everything to make the activity seem more English-related. Also, the Japanese I used was checked by my JTE.

The quiz contains 15 questions, 3 of which are specifically related to Fukuoka (questions 8, 13, and 14).

Here's the quiz:

Here's a printable poster to give to your students:
One rule will change in April 2023 - all cyclists will have to wear helmets!

I used the PowerPoint along with Quizizz to give the students more time to think about the question before displaying the answer options. I could also go into more detail after each question to explain the answers more.

I've also attached a Word file with Google translations of a summary of the Road Traffic Act.

Happy cycling!

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    Submitted by rebvandev February 27, 2023 Estimated time: 20 minutes
    1. sakotodan February 27, 2023

      I can't really make use of this in ES but keep fighting the good fight. The way kids ride their bicycles here is truly insane. At night, on the phone, no lights, into oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the road lmao. So much for being a cautious country.

    2. rebvandev February 28, 2023

      @sakotodan right?? It's chaos. Thank you for the support!

    3. sarahr97 April 24, 2023

      Thanks for making this. It's educational to me too. I don't ride to work yet because I don't like how busy it is in the morning and how narrow the streets are. I did not know I was meant to have cycling insurance so I'll have to sort that out soon.
      I worry for my students here (senior high-school) they seem oblivious to the cars and buses on the roads. I don't have much say about what I teach so I can probably not present it but I will put something on the English boards. Thank you!

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