Activities posted by JackyKillian1701

  • How long have you...? Self-expression

    A self-expression sheet for the students to talk about their hobbies and club activities.

  • I always... I never... practice actitives

    These activities help students understand "always," "usually," "sometimes," and "never".

  • 6th grade, Unit 5 Three Hint Quiz

    Students make a 3 hint quiz based on an animal that they like.

  • 4th grade, Do you have a-communication activity

    This activity reviews a few countries, introduces some new words, and helps students practice the "Do you have a/an..." grammar point.

  • I want to be a / an...

    A worksheet to help students talk about their dream job. Can be used for some writing and speaking practice.

  • How many...? Drawing game

    A drawing game to help students practice "How many?"

  • 6th grade New Horizons 6 Unit 2 I usually...

    This activity helps cover the "I usually..." grammar point in unit 2.

  • Lets Try 1 Unit 1 Business Card exchange

    Let your students make business cards and exchange them using English.

  • Let's Try 2 Unit 1 I 4

    Help the students think about what they like for a speaking activity.

  • New Horizons 5 I like...I don't like...

    Get your students thinking about their likes and dislikes. Best used in conjunction with the textbook.

  • Let's spell

    A "snowman melting" spelling game with 2 team variations. One of them has Mario characters for extra flavor.

  • Who are you? A hint quiz

    A hint quiz to practice the animals in "Let's Try 1" Unit 9, plus a couple extras. Hope it helps!

  • Let's Try 2, Unit 9 Board game

    A board game to help students practice the sentences in Unit 9.

  • Holiday Karuta Cards

    Print and cut into little karuta decks. One sheet = one deck.

  • Can you...(animal interview activity)

    Students ask and answer questions to guess what animal their classmate is.

  • It tastes...?

    A game and a worksheet to practice "taste" words.

  • How much is

    A game to practice asking about prices, and answering the question: "How much is the _____?"

  • Alphabet Henohenomoheji

    Practice writing alphabet letters with a classic Japanese hiragana game!

  • Money Money Clothes Shopping activity

    An activity meant to help students practice speaking and some basic shopping skills. Useful for class sizes of 10 or fewer students.