Cards against English

The classic game, with watered down answers.

Best for JHS 3rd grade and up. I found this originally on another website and it seems to disappeared. If any of you know the original author, please comment below. I've edited some answers to be more relevant to my placement so you might want to go through and make some changes yourself to fit your school.

Cards against English is a game to make your friends laugh. There are two types of cards - answers and questions. Everyone in the game is given 5 answer cards, and all the question cards are placed face-down on the table. The leftover answer cards are also placed face down on the table.

Clockwise, each person takes a turn at being the question king. The question king picks up a card and reads it aloud twice. The other players look at their answer cards, and chooses the funniest answer.

The other players put their chosen cards face down on the table. Then, the question king reads out the question with all the answers filled in, and chooses the funniest answer card. The person who submits the funniest answer card gets to keep the question card, and the next person clockwise becomes the new question king. After each round, players pick up new answer cards from the pile. The person with the most answer cards at the end of the game wins.

---- Printable game rules -----

Today's schedule is as follows:

  1. We'll play the question game for 25 minutes.
  2. We'll play "Cards against English" for 25 minutes.

Preparation for the games:

  1. Split into groups of 5 students. We'll use the same groups for both games.
  2. For the first game, you require a pen and something to write on.
  3. For the second game, I'll give you four pieces of paper. Students need to work together to cut the cards and sort them into questions and answers (black cards for questions, and white cards for answers.)

When the preparation is done, I'll explain the rules.

Rules for the question game:

  1. Each group has 5 minutes to write as many questions to Jordan as possible. They can be about anything - how are you, how's the weather, do you have a girlfriend, does New Zealand really exist, etc. After the five minutes is done, each group gets a turn to stand up and ask Jordan one question that they wrote down. However, if another group wrote the same or similar question, the group gets 0 points for that round. Every group that wrote a similar question must discard that question. If no other group asked the same question, then the group who wrote it gets 1 point if they wrote it in Japanese, and 2 points if they wrote it in English. Rotate through all the groups until there are no more questions left. If we have time, we'll start the 5 minute timer again and write new questions.

Rules for Cards against English:

  1. There are question cards which are black, and answer cards which are white.
  2. Each student takes 5 white answer cards. The remaining white answer cards, and the black question cards, make two separate piles in the center.
  3. Each person, rotating clockwise, gets a turn to be the question King. The question king puts away their answer cards and takes 1 question card, and asks the question to the group.
  4. Each student then chooses the most interesting answer and submits it, secretly and face-down, to the question king. If the question demands two answers, then give the Question king two answer cards, first on top and second underneath. The question king then reads the question and ALL the answers to the group, and gives the black question card to the person with the funniest answer. The remaining white answer cards are recycled back into the deck. The student with the most black cards at the end of the game is the winner.
Submitted by Beestonian November 19, 2021 Estimated time: 10-40 minutes
  1. UonumaRobert November 19, 2021

    These are great. Thanks for sharing. I think they were made by somebody named Zarina. One of the cards has the name 'Zarina' on it. 'Why did Zarina really come to Japan?'

  2. MarinaS February 10, 2023

    Awesome I will use these in my English Club! I changed some of the cards to make them more relevant to my school.

  3. CallMeSpike January 10, 2024

    "What did Shinzo Abe eat for dinner last night?"
    Might wanna change that question.

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