Seasons/A Year in the USA

A presentation about each season/month in the United States. Meant to go with New Horizon Elementary grade 5 unit 7.

The first 4 slides each have 3 photos that I have the students guess which season/month they present. I used these exact same photos on the respective months slide.

I found it helpful to talk with the HRT beforehand particularly for events like Juneteenth and elections, which they had never heard about/weren’t aware of, so the students really had no idea about.

Unit 7 is all about the seasons and seasonal/cultural events so this is a good supplement to show students seasonal/cultural events of other countries.

In the notes of the first slide I included the list of holidays/events I had brainstormed while making this. Feel free to edit the powerpoint as you see fit for your classroom needs!

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    Submitted by MASHER January 23, 2022 Estimated time: About 15 minutes.

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