New Horizon 5 & 6 Unit Writing Sheets

Sheets to organize writing, their textbooks cards, etc per unit for the New Horizon elementary textbooks.

Made these since some schools prefer to have an English file instead of just using the textbook for everything.

The page set up is My name is ( ) at the top, then the unit number, the unit name in English and goal in Japanese, then a box for them to paste their unit card. Below that is a lined, color writing section. The 6th graders have more writing so this combines the end of unit's suggested presentation sentences along with the back of the book's writing section (わたしのセリフ). The sentences are traceable but if your students don't need them, you can just delete them.
The 5th graders don't have official writing but I kept the writing section in case they would like to use it to write key words or something.
Most of the time the dotted box will be big enough for the cards used but especially the 6th grade album card won't fit. You could have the kids glue the card on the top only so they can flip it up to write or just glue the card to the back.

Don't know if these will be useful to anyone else but figured I should share!

Submitted by altirasuto January 26, 2022 Estimated time:
  1. japanalt May 12, 2022

    High five for making prints. The textbook doesn't do a great job of teaching writing...

  2. Ben1987 September 8, 2023

    Nice job, this great for anyone that are not able to get their hands on the official cd that contain the worksheets that came with New Horizon, or if the teacher wants to completely change it.

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