What did you do for summer/winter vacation?

In this activity, students write about what they did over summer or winter vacation using the past tense. Once they finish writing, they draw a picture of their vacation.

This worksheet has two parts: the writing and the drawing. The students write a few sentences about what they did during their vacation using the past tense. Before starting the activity, I usually go over common past tense verbs and write them on the board for reference along with other helpful phrases. Once the students finish writing their paragraph, they draw a picture of what they did over vacation. Drawing helps make the activity a little more enjoyable and allows the kids to flex their creativity.

I usually ask my students to write at least 4 sentences. This number can be changed depending on your class's ability. So it's up to you how much you'd like them to write and how much assistance you want to give them. I also dedicate an entire class period to this activity and check on the students while they write to provide help.

I like to give this activity to students after vacation to help ease them back into school before starting the textbook again. You can also give it to students before vacation and have them fill it out during vacation. You can also ask the kids to use the future tense and write about what they will do during their vacation with a few changes to the instructions.

I have included both the summer vacation and winter vacation versions of this activity along with one of my examples that I show the students and pass around the class. I highlight the past tense verbs in my examples.

Submitted by mitchkat1 July 5, 2022 Estimated time: 40-50 minutes

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