Shopping and Dining

Activity involves the students practicing buying or selling things.

Many textbooks will have students practice buying something from a store or ordering food at a restaurant. This can be useful for students to practice if they travel to an English-speaking country.

Putting students in the role of both the customer and the seller can be a good way to reinforce the different patterns.

  • Shopping for Fruit with Doraemon

    Simple shopping game to practice fruit names, please, and small numbers.

  • Ordering at a restaurant

    This is an activity to practice ordering at a Philippine restaurant.

  • Food Stalls Roleplay

    This activity allows students to practice transactional English in a free-form roleplay.

  • Authentic Menu Boards

    A collection of fast food menu boards from countries using dollars and cents.

  • Sales Pitch

    This activity allowed students to be able to create a sales pitch with random objects.

  • Let's order some food!

    Students are put in groups and either have to pretend to be servers in a restaurant or customers and go to other groups to try order food.

  • Ordering at a restaurant

    Let's talk 4, New Horizon 1. Page 116

  • "How much . . .?" Games

    A couple games using pictures of food and prices from Junior Sunshine 5.

  • What would you like mystery box game.

    I made this PPT for New Horizon 5 Unit 6. It's almost the same with typhoon game but instead of typhoon, they could get a mystery box that they could keep or give.

  • Useful expressions: at a restaurant

    A simple roleplaying activity to page 85 of the One World 1 textbook.

  • Shopping Conversation Cards

    Some cards with a mix of clothing, sizes and prices made for JHS New Horizons 2.

  • Shopping at Zara

    This activity allows students to talk about shopping and practice a conversation between a Store Clerk and Customer.

  • Spy X Family What would you like? Game

    Students guess which each character would like using the phrase 'I would like ~~.' in response to the teacher or whole class asking 'What would you like?'. Made for Here We Go 5 U7.

  • Welcome to Kirby Cafe!

    Practice ordering food and asking about menu prices, featuring Kirby Cafe!

  • Ordering in a restaurant

    This activity will introduce restaurant vocabulary to students and includes a script on how to order in a restaurant.

  • Shopping Spree

    A shopping game to practice request/ordering dialogues.

  • Useful Expressions: Shopping (for clothes)

    A companion warm-up activity for "Useful Expressions" on page 75 from One World 2.

  • Money Money Clothes Shopping activity

    An activity meant to help students practice speaking and some basic shopping skills. Useful for class sizes of 10 or fewer students.

  • Let’s replace a defective product.

    This is a practice activity, based on Sunshine 3 page 50 Power-Up 2 “Returning a product”. It role-plays returning a defective or unwanted product to a shop.

  • My Conbini 'How many' 'I want to ...'

    Reviews 'How many' and plural 's' as well as 'I want to buy...'

  • Powerpoint Flash Card sets

    Sets of Powerpoint flash cards for ES/Special Needs

  • 𝑫𝒊𝒔𝒏𝒆𝒚 𝑪𝒓𝒐𝒔𝒔𝒚 𝑹𝒐𝒂𝒅

    New Horizon 1 (2021), Unit 8-11 Review Game

  • Christmas Shopping Madness

    Students compete to buy low, sell high in this frantic shopping game!

  • Canadian McDonald's Menu

    Restaurant Ordering Practice

  • New Horizons G5 and 6 Matching PPT Game

    In groups, students choose to squares to try to collect points for their group by revealing matches.

  • Make a Parfait

    Using LT2 Unit 7 make a parfait for your friend

  • Monster Pet Shop

    Students go shopping for unusual pets and review some grammar.

  • My Hero Word Scramble

    Unscrambling words has never been so PLUS ULTRA!!!

  • NC Let's Talk 4 - HOW MUCH IS IT? UK Edition

    Money Money Money ~ Must be funny ~ In a rich man's world!

  • Year 3 - Would you ? Pair Interview

    Students play Janken and answer would you questions.

  • JHS Shopping

    Shopping New Crown 1 7 eleven and Amazon Quiz (Prices Updated)(Edit)

  • Ordering Fast Food

    These are cards to help students practice ordering fast food in English. This is for the Sunshine Year 2 textbook. Phrases used: "May I", "Would you like", and "I'll have"

  • Norm's Shopping

    This activity is dialog practice, repeating the patterns in the textbook but allowing students to modify the given sentences.

  • Junior High School Shopping Activities

    These are the worksheets and presentations I use for shopping lessons

  • May I Take Your Order?

    Students act as waiters, playing janken and taking orders to see who can make the most money in this quick and easy to set up game!

  • Mystery Burger, Please

    Students learn how to order various fast food items then customize their own dialogue to practice with their friends.

  • Fast Food Mc Norm

    This is a fast food role play based on Total English 1's Talk Time 2 exercise.

  • J-Style Fast Food

    Students practice eating at a Japanese-style fast food restaurant.

  • Shop Till You Drop

    Students practice shopping dialogue and use a shopping catalogue to make a shopping list. They then buy items.

  • Alphabet Shopping

    This is a shopping game using uppercase letters, the aim of which is to have children familiarise themselves with the letters in a non-patterned way.

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