What did they do last summer?

Students guess what a character did over summer, with hints from the teacher, and asking questions in English to narrow it down after.

Students are shown a character and a box hiding what they did over Summer, the teacher then gives them one or two hints. Afterwards, the students ask questions in English like "Is it a boy or a girl?", "What colour is it?" etc. The teacher can give more hints if needed.

Afterwards, the teacher can show the answer, and students can practice the sentence structure together.
This is made for the Here We Go 6, My Summer Vacation unit. This practices the "I (went/saw/ate/enjoyed) ---." sentence structure using third person pronouns.

There are answers and possible hints in the notes.

Warning, I expected this to be a quick activity but 4/12 questions took 20 minutes so I'm cautiously putting this at 45min with the hope that some of the later questions are easier to guess.

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  • What they did last summer.pptx (10.7 MB)
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    Submitted by AsakawaSune September 12, 2022 Estimated time: 45min
    1. davidinteriors December 2, 2022

      Thank you for an outstanding pptx. My students loved it. I added to it slightly by reviewing common past tense verbs to get the kids into the swing of things. ie go-went, read-read etc

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