Here We Go

Specific to the Here We Go series of textbooks.

  • Have you ever...? (Philippine version)

    This is a PowerPoint quiz to practice the question, "Have you ever...?"

  • Here We Go! 6 Unit 6 - Country Quiz

    A modified ppt game originally by KobeALT. I just modified the Japan part.


    Uses of gerunds

  • When... conjunction

    Slides to present the topic and a worksheet to be used in pair works, suited for 2nd year JHS students.

  • "Months" Matching Game

    A matching game to help students remember the English names of the months of the year.

  • Who Am I? 6th grade Introduction Game (+Cards)

    Cards that can be used for a "Who Am I?" style guessing game, aimed towards 6th grade. Challenges students to use "I'm..." and "I can..." alongside the from/live in key sentences

  • Here We Go! 6年生 Key Sentence Board

    Key Sentences for the new version of Here We Go! for 6th grade.

  • Mario Study 5

    Mario Party style review game for 5th grade.

  • Here We Go 6-What do you want to watch?

    Warmup presentation that contains anime characters. The goal is to guess what sport these characters do/like.

  • It looks ~

    This is the last unit lesson of Here We Go 1

  • picture description quiz questions

    students practice speaking by answering questions.

  • Who am I? Game (My Hero...) Review

    Activity for 5th grade students who are doing the My Hero unit. Intended for the last hour of the unit in which students already have a grasp on the key sentences.

  • Welcome to Japan - ppt sample

    Here we go page 105

  • Review Game for Comparatives and Superlatives

    This is an activity which you may use for comparatives er - than,more - than, superlatives the - est, the most and as - as.

  • G2- JHS -Here We Go textbook - Kahoots by units

    Different Kahoot review quizzes

  • G1- JHS -Here We Go textbook - Kahoots by units

    I made Kahoots as needed at the end of two or three units at the time.

  • Do you~? Fruit basket

    Students practice speaking with the fruit basket game.

  • Small talk (Head, shoulder, knees...cup!)

    Flexible question and answer activity with the popular cup game, students practice speaking and listening skills

  • 5th grade Review - Super mario Typhoon Game

    This is a super mario typhoon. I used the ppt of @reiji to create a typhoon game for 5th graders. I just changed the questions so it suits the HWG 5 book.

  • Which is better? Small talk &Fruit basket activity

    Students small talk and then play the popular game Fruit basket. Students will answer questions comparing 2 things.

  • Classroom Feud

    End-of-school-year fun activity based on the popular TV quiz show, Family Feud.

  • Indirect questions

    Mini activity - worksheet

  • If I were you

    Mini activity

  • Want-to and need mini activity

    Differentiating between want to and need

  • Present perfect- Have you ever

    Some slides to introduce the present perfect concept for the first time.

  • My best memory

    conversation example and writing scaffold for My Best Memory.

  • Was and Were

    This is a Lesson about using was and were for 1st year. Page 113 of Here We Go Textbook.

  • Common Mistakes Quiz Game and Written Quiz

    Year end Quiz for 3rd year JHS

  • My Favorite Musical - Miss Saigon

    This is a reading practice for Here We Go II - Unit 8 Goal -p.114

  • Who is he/she? Silhouette quiz

    Character silhouette guessing game for ES to practice "Who is he/she?" and "He/she is ___."

  • How much is it? : THE PRICE IS RIGHT game

    Here we go 5 Unit 7, the price is right game. The food listed in this game are vocabularies they learnt in the unit plus the store where the food is bought or famous for. Prices are as of 2023.

  • The Price is Right! UK Supermarket and Fast Food

    Based on the gameshow, designed for Grade 5 Here We Go 5 Unit 7

  • Food Hunt

    Pair speaking activity that practices restaurant dialogue specific to Here We Go 1.

  • Relative Clause Karuta

    20 karuta card designs made for Unit 6-2 of HWG3, reduced relative clauses. Answer sheet for helping students in class.

  • Here We Go 6: Unit 5- I want/like/want/have/play

    Uno style card game for unit 5. It uses "I want" "I like" "I have" and "I can play/I play" grammar points.

  • Past Simple BINGO Spinner

    An activity to practice past simple sentences.

  • "Who's that character?" 3-Hint Quiz

    A 3-hint quiz using popular characters and related worksheet.

  • My Imaginary Trip (Snoopy, did you~?)

    A powerpoint to introduce the lesson and activities for speaking and writing the past tense.

  • The Price Is Right

    Made for Here We Go 5 Unit 7. In teams, students try to guess the price of a food item in the ALT's home country. Used for practicing larger numbers and prices.

  • 'My Country' template PowerPoint

    A quick template to easily make a PowerPoint introducing a specific country.

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