Here We Go

Specific to the Here We Go series of textbooks.

  • Do you...? Can you...? Are you...? (Animals)

    A worksheet to use for Here We Go - Unit 2

  • Do you ... Can you...

    A worksheet to practice the target grammar "Do you.../ Can you..."

  • Are you a/an...(job)?

    worksheet for the target grammar "Are you~?

  • ordinal numbers

    To practice 1st to 31st

  • Surprise Birthday Present Game

    Here We Go! 5 "What do you want for your birthday?" guessing game.

  • Already, Just, Yet, (+still) Quick Form Review and

    It's a very simple and quick review of the present perfect simple form with already, just, and yet. The activity at the end is from Mr./Ms nkeyalt (ctto).

  • About the Philippines ( I think... / I am sure...)

    A PowerPoint presentation and a worksheet for the target grammar.. I think(that) or I am sure(that)

  • Pokemon Battle Challenge! (fixed)

    Simple Pokemon battle game! Choose your Pokemon and answer simple English questions to become a Pokemon master!

  • Splatoon "What ... do you like?" Splatfest

    A simple multiple choice points game to be played in small groups. The aim is to encourage students to produce the target language to each other.

  • What can you do?

    This is a speaking activity using "I can.. and I can't.

  • Self-Intro Anime Version - I am...

    A short self-intro video clip of a few anime characters.

  • When Conjunction Quiz Game

    It is a short quiz game of "When"

  • Battleships "When you're ____, do you _____?"

    Battleships game incorporating the "when you're" grammar pattern from Here We Go 2 Page 15 (Unit 1 Part 3)

  • Golden Week Simple Past & Past Progressive

    A workseet for reviewing the simple past and past progressive.

  • Grade 5 I like, I don't like (Here we go! Unit 1)

    Very simple worksheet with some cute cat imagery to make it a bit more engaging :) My students really liked having the cute cats on the worksheet so I'm sharing :)

  • Spring Vacation Bingo

    Students ask their peers what they did on their spring vacation, checking answers off a bingo sheet, and conjugating verbs into the past tense as they go.

  • Guessing game for first graders or Special Needs

    You can use this game as an additional activity for your self-introduction lesson.

  • Sushi Game Simple Past review for second graders

    This is a review game for Simple Past Tense Thanks to @JoshJ for the original Sushi Scramble Review Game

  • How was your spring vacation?

    The worksheet attached can be used by students to interview their classmates. This is a review for the past simple lesson that they studied in first grade.

  • Mario Kart Must

    Students use "You must~" to explain Japanese road signs that Mario Kart characters must obey (worksheet included).

  • Animal Crossing Have To

    The cast of Animal Crossing New Horizons talk about the things they have to do before their friend arrives on the island (worksheet included).

  • 6th grade Demon Slayer Review Game

    Review lesson for 6th grade from Here We Go!

  • Blooket Website

    Better than kahoot in my opinion!

  • Want to practice worksheet

    A simple worksheet for practicing readng, writing, listening and speaking with "want to" as the grammar focus.

  • WORD SCRAMBLE Vocab - Spelling Review

    This is a review of some words first and second grade students have already learned ( Unit 1 - 8, Here We Go 1 and 2)

  • Picture Flash - Celebrity Edition (5年 Unit 9)

    Powerpoint of vanishing images of famous people in Japan. Students use the key phrases like "She is Osaka Naomi. She is an athlete." This activity is suggested by 5th grade's Here We Go unit 9, hour 3

  • Kahoot Round-Up: Here We Go 6 (6th grade)

    A series of kahoot quizzes for 6th graders that go with the Here We Go! textbook series. If you use New Horizon books, some of these might fall into 5th grade instead.

  • Who is your hero? Bingo Game

    Students fill in their bingo card using other students answers to the question "Who is your hero?", with the answer being "My hero is ~."

  • Numbers to 1000 Individual Cards

    Individual cards with the digits and reading of numbers up to 1000.

  • Kahoot Round-Up: Here We Go 5 (5th grade)

    A series of kahoot quizzes for 5th graders that go with the Here We Go! textbook series

  • Where's my Pokemon

    Here We Go! 5, Unit 8. A fun and interactive way to practice directions with your students.

  • Pokemon Town Directions Game

    A game for practicing directions (turn left, go straight, turn right at the first corner, etc.) with various Pokemon.

  • Jeopardy Mario Game 3rd-6th grade

    Review game for end of semester/year from 3rd-6th grade!

  • Review Jeopardy (Template)

    Here is a template for Jeopardy (that can be used on older laptops).

  • Protect the Cheese! - Places in the City Edition

    (Here We Go 5, Unit 8) A hangman-style PPT game where you protect a piece of cheese from a very hungry mouse!

  • Simple Past Jeopardy

    A Jeopardy game about Simple Past Tense, but with surprises. THIS IS FROM A GOOGLE DRIVE. I WILL POST THE LINK. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1oQMjJzvG7MVNJKQFvuBd0q6AFJyDtYQKukqqBJJQilM/

  • Phonics Long Aa Short Aa

    Reading practice for Long Aa Short Aa pronunciation

  • School Subjects UNO

    Vocabulary learning game

  • Christmas Jeopardy

    This is a famous game that I think every ALTs know. I made a Christmas version.

  • My Best Memory Bingo Game

    Students ask each other what their best memory is and fill in their bingo card from the answers they receive.

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