Food Chain Game

Students ask and answer questions to find their food chain pair.

Made for New Horizon 6's Unit 5. This game will practice the target language, "What do (A) eat?" and "(A) eat (B)."
Added another set to practice, "Where do (A) live?" "(A) live (in/on B)."

This is a set of 30 cards which makes for 15 pairs. If you have a larger class, then you'll need to add some options or simply have repeats.

Here's how to play:
1. Divide the class in half. Give one half the A cards (animals/ sea creatures) and the other half the B cards (food/ prey). Make sure they keep their own card a secret while you explain the rules.
2. Students will try to find their match. Students with an A card will approach a student with a B card and ask, "What do (A) eat?" (A) is the animal/ sea creature on their card.
3. Students with the B card have to answer with what is written on their card - NOT the correct answer.
Example: Student A has the Lions card. Student B has the Frogs card.
Student A: What do (lions) eat?
Student B: (Lions) eat (frogs)!
Student A: Oh no! See you.
4. Students continue searching for their match until they find them.
5. Have students sit together (or something similar) when they find their match. This will help those who haven't found their match to see who else hasn't more easily.
6. Have each pair reenact their conversation for the class. There are some funny(ish) ones so the students might get a kick out of another pair. It's also a good way to check that everyone found their correct match.
7. Play again by switching which half of the class is A or B. (optional, but good speaking practice to do both sides of the convo)

You might want to go over certain words which are not covered in the text such as mice, bamboo, grass, humans, and salmon.
You can print the cards with or without the numbers but since they correspond to the answers, I'd suggest keeping a set for yourself with the numbers as an answer key, but making the student version without it to discourage possible alternative ways to finding the correct match...

I honestly thought this would be too childish of a game for 6th graders but my students loved it and wanted to play it multiple times, so hopefully your students will like it, too!

*Update: Added the "Where do (A) live?" "(A) live (in/on B)." Play using the same directions as above, just change the conversation.
I wanted to get most of the habitats from the Picture Dictionary included as well as to naturally introduce when to use plurals, the, and on/in. As such, these cards include different animals than used for the Food Chain set.
I would suggest running through the cards as a class before doing the game so students can check if they need to say in/on, the, plurals, etc. I added some vocabulary that I get asked most often during this unit when students make their own card.
New words to check: my house, jungle, Earth, and the North Pole.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
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  • Food Chain Where do A live Cards.docx (2.51 MB)
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    Submitted by altirasuto October 19, 2022 Estimated time: 10-15 min
    1. zeeshanazam October 21, 2022

      I am super thankful to you for such a great efforts. Although I am preparing for *Where do _____ live? part but I will keep this for the next one. Thanks for sharing. Really helpful

    2. altirasuto October 24, 2022

      Added a "Where do (A) live?" set!

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