Let's Try 2 Unit 6 Logo Quiz

A logo quiz to practice the letters of the alphabet

I'm no PowerPoint expert, so I apologise for the general ugliness of the presentation, but these went down super well with my 3rd and 4th grade classes. Just a simple quiz using letters from some well-known logos.

Edit: Added in Logo Quiz 3 and 4 which I made this year for kids who had already done it last year. As someone noted in the comments, the logo quiz actually works best by dividing the quiz into lowercase (for 3rd Grade) and uppercase letters (for 4th Grade) so I may redo all the quizzes and put them in that format in future.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Logo Quiz 2.pptx (3.6 MB)
  • Logo Quiz.pptx (1.99 MB)
  • Logo Quiz 3.pptx (6.59 MB)
  • Logo Quiz 4.pptx (8.22 MB)
    1. crisxselda November 7, 2022

      I like this idea a lot. Thank you.

    2. kusobaba November 7, 2022

      I second that. Great idea. Thanks.

    3. maeschooldocs November 7, 2022

      Thank you for sharing this.

    4. juliejuls November 7, 2022

      I will use this! Thank you for sharing :)

    5. hamin November 7, 2022

      This looks great. I showed my 4th grade classes a few logos today and they loved it so this will be great to continue with next week!

    6. Cityfan November 9, 2022

      Very nice and fits perfectly in to those tricky 3rd or 4th grade alphabet lessons.

    7. ALT X December 5, 2022

      Great idea! I'm going to use it for the JHS mixed special needs class.

    8. hamin November 2, 2023

      I used this last year and my kids absolutely loved it! I see you've added a 3rd version in - I need to make one for the city that I live in too!

    9. GinaG November 9, 2023

      Thank you! I cherry picked between the slides to make a version only using capital letters, it really saved me in a pinch!

    10. kmjohn13 November 15, 2023

      This looks like a really nice activity! Gonna try it out tomorrow for a special needs class. I think they will love it!

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