My Best Memory Bingo Game

Students ask each other what their best memory is and fill in their bingo card from the answers they receive.

Made for Unit 7 of Here We Go! 6 and uses the vocabulary from that unit.

Students receive the sheets and choose an answer for themselves, writing it at the bottom of the sheet. They then go to another student and ask:
"What is your best memory?" The student can then circle the corresponding answer on their bingo sheet and allow the other student to ask the question in turn. They can then continue on to other students trying to get enough answers to get a bingo.

In order to ensure a bingo is possible you may want to assign the answers randomly with slips of paper.

Print from pdf version lest the font change dramatically at the printer.

Submitted by AsakawaSune December 19, 2022 Estimated time: 10-15min

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