Past Tense with Doraemon

This is a slideshow I made a while back, but my JTEs never got around to using it. I figured I'd contribute something to the site by uploading this. It's intended for junior high school first graders.

This slideshow is very straightforward. It has some information about the past tense and a conjugation table in the beginning, and it gives some examples of regular and irregular verb conjugations. At the end is a small quiz; the answers are animated. All you need to do is press the Enter key.

There are hints in Japanese throughout the slideshow, because my first graders need them. If your school/JTE is strict about having Japanese explanations on the slides, it should be fairly simple to go in and delete them.

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  • Past Tense.pptx (1.62 MB)
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    Submitted by soggycastella January 27, 2023 Estimated time: 10-15 minutes
    1. GaeilgeAmee January 27, 2023

      This is a really nice and cohesive introduction! And a really nice, slick PPT so hats off! If I could make one suggestion, I would probably have to forms table broken up into two slides. The way it is right now everything is a little small and even on a screen some of the examples in the right column are a little hard to see at a distance.

    2. soggycastella January 27, 2023

      ļ¼ GaeilgeAmee Done. Thank you for the idea. I followed your suggestion and also messed around with some of the formatting to make it easier to see.

    3. GaeilgeAmee February 3, 2023

      You did an awesome job! I used this today and it was much easier to see on the screen! Thank you for the hard work!

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