Valentine's Day Choose Your Own Story

Visual novel style choose your own story game based on the tradition of giving chocolates on valentines day. Students participate in groups of four and must debate the best choices to progress.

The story features someone who has brought chocolate to school for valentines day but has not yet chosen who to give it to. The story has 3 choice stages with 2 options available in each.

Ss participate in groups of 4 and at each stage will split into teams of 2 (blue team and red team) to advocate for either the blue option or the red option. After some discussion time practicing persuasive language they must decide on an answer (or janken if undecided). Then Ss vote with a show of hands and the choice is made, progressing the story.

Each time a blue option is chosen the blue team gets a point and the same for the red options. At the end the colour with the highest points win and are the masters of persuasion.

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    Submitted by FullMetalAlba January 31, 2023 Estimated time: 20 minutes
    1. ireland February 2, 2023

      Quick question: There's a 'Next' button that I don't think goes anywhere on the 2 winning slides (not sure if it was meant to be clickable). Would you just exit the PowerPoint at that point?

    2. hotokeki February 7, 2023

      Was there ever a point where the ss continued to oppose the other team? Like I feel, they would've been stubborn about giving the point to the other team regardless if they agreed or not? Was that the case with your class?

    3. FullMetalAlba February 9, 2023

      Ah I originally had this as part of an hour lesson on persuasive language so the final button originally led to the next activity!

    4. FullMetalAlba February 9, 2023

      Actually as far as making decisions I scrapped the idea of coming to a unanimous answer and let them all vote individually since the discussion time is more important than voting technicalities

    5. Beestonian February 12, 2023

      With the choose your own adventure story, clicking anywhere in the slide to progress through the slide feels like I can break the powerpoint by accidentally advancing to a slide that I'm not meant to. It's hard to know when playing when I will trigger an animation, vs. When I will advance to a slide that will break the story.

    6. hotokeki February 13, 2023

      Ah, that makes sense! Thank you for the clarification!

    7. awong526 February 17, 2023

      This was great, thank you!
      It seems like the classes I had with higher English skills enjoyed it far more than lesser English skills.

      One thing I did differently was that I let everyone group up into 4-5 people groups and then just had them discuss amongst each other what choices to pick, then counted the votes per table, and then asked them why they picked that choice. (Like, school roof choice -> a student said, "Because mood is important.", etc.)

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