Develops students' discussion skills.

  • Can You Animals

    Presentation about the abilities of animals.

  • Who/What/When/Where/How

    A lesson to review the various 'Wh' words including 'How'.

  • Money Money Clothes Shopping activity

    An activity meant to help students practice speaking and some basic shopping skills. Useful for class sizes of 10 or fewer students.

  • How many ~ Interview activity (Plural nouns)

    A fun gap fill activity for 1st graders to reinforce their knowledge of plural nouns and quantifiers.

  • Pokemon Review Game for New Horizon 5 & 6

    A review game for New Horizon 5 & 6 covering vocabulary and target sentences from Unit 1 to 3.

  • How long~?

    To practice the grammar expression for the Unit.

  • Shuffle Game

    You can do this activity on any topics that you want. This is my to-go game hahaha! I give the students a shuffled sentence and I let them arrange it in order. Enjoy!

  • I want ____ to...

    Short writing exercise - practices the infinitive grammar "I want (person) to...." and "(person) wants (person) to..."/

  • I want to go to 国 to するために

    Short writing practice based practicing the infinitive grammar point outlined on p37 of New Horizon 2.

  • "The Garden" point game

    A simple game based on Typhoon - but instead of natural disasters, it's crows in your flower garden! Good for any kind of review and small classes.

  • Stationery GO FISH card game

    Meant to review "Do you have ___?" statements and Unit 5 from Let's Try! 2 ("Do you have a pen?"). This is a printable GO FISH game with some Uno elements that make it more fun. Good for groups of 4.


    New Horizon 3, Unit 2, Present Perfect

  • This or That gifts

    students use comparatives to discuss gifts

  • "What are the rules here?" group game

    students work in small groups to write sentences using "have to", "don't have to", "must", and "must not" to describe rules for various locations

  • Shocking News

    students practice passive voice by reporting recent news

  • "People Watching" and poster

    students practice "looks" for appearances and make a poster following New Horizon 1 textbook activity

  • "Virtual Life"

    practice for "if I were... I would..." and "if I were... I could..."

  • NH1 unit 9 quiz game

    practice "try to", "want to", "need to" in a group quiz game

  • Pokemon Catch Review

    Based on Mario Jeopardy and other Jeopardy games, this one is based on Pokemon! Useful for reviewing grammar!

  • NH⑥ Unit 3 materials ("Let's go to Italy")

    Printout and digital materials for use with New Horizons 6 Unit 3, "Let's go to Italy". Includes examples of various countries.

  • Start of class (Aisatsu) cards

    Cards to use for the start of class at elementary school. The Japanese teachers usually have some idea of how to do the start of class aisatsu, but these cards help a lot.

  • Mario Kart DS Quiz

    Enjoy this popular activity based on the Nintendo DS version of Mario Kart. I have made a considerable use of its soundtrack composed by Shinobu Tanaka.

  • Goldfish Scooping Jeopardy! (Present Simple)

    Jeopardy Quiz game using New Crown 1 up to lesson 1 part 1 simple present and more!

  • Screenwriters!

    Group story/script writing/Completion activity using Adj + (that)

  • BattleBots! (Ver 1.3)

    Mecha review Building/Battle Game

  • Disney Guess Who

    A Disney version of the popular board game Guess Who, which can be used to practice relative pronouns (Is it someone who...). Designed to be played on PCs, but can also be used as a worksheet.

  • Countries - Sleeping Panda

    This is a game about naming flags of different countries.

  • New Crown 2 - The Little Prince

    English Video Clips and questions

  • Vocabulary board game

    We can use this as a year review for grades one-three or just for a vocabulary review. This game has names of colors, shapes, numbers, body parts, animals, fruits and vegetables.

  • Grade 6 Year Review - Snake and Ladder Game

    Students will review all the lessons in their textbook through snake and ladder game.

  • Elementary School Reactions Poster

    Poster to show spoken reactions to elementary school students.

  • Shark Attack!

    Hang Man-style game using words from New Horizons Picture Dictionary

  • New Horizon 5 U8 Review (Sentence Auction)

    Please feel free to use this to review the target sentences of New Horizon's U8. Teams bid to win the artworks with sentences with the hope of getting points.

  • This is my day. - Daily Routine

    Grade four students will name the given routine (e.g. wake up, wash my face...) through a game.

  • What's This?

    Worksheet for vocabulary, spelling, and speaking. Grammar Points: What's this?, It's a/an ~

  • Let's Try! 2 ~U7 Review Questions

    Reviewing at the end of Unit 7? Here are some questions you can ask the students during review.

  • What do you want? 4th Grade

    A powerpoint presentation that demonstrates the target language in Unit 7

  • Cooking Hello Kitty Cards

    Inspired by the "Cooking Hello Kitty" game posted by Victoria Young. Cards that can be used for the game as well as some changes have been made.

  • Guess the Alphabet

    Alphabets overlapped with each other and students guess what the alphabets are

  • What If...

    Presentation of conversation starters for students to practice were/would second conditional sentences

  • Top 5 activities

  • Super Mario Christmas Blast

    A fun Christmas Mario-themed quiz game, where teams battle each other in a test of knowledge! Built off the original Super Mario Typhoon by Alexander Grant.

  • Gehn's Labyrinth

    Directions game with physical maps.

  • Pokemon Review Game for New Horizon 5 & 6

    A review game for New Horizon 5 & 6 covering vocabulary and target sentences from Unit 1 to 3.

  • Foods from Around the World

    A sleek and simple cultural presentation showing off traditional and famous foods from countries around the world.

  • Snakes and Ladders

    A3 Snakes and Ladders board with card sections for use as a review activity.

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