Develops students' discussion skills.

  • daily routine worksheet

    The daily routine worksheet is intended to help 5th-grade students grasp basic daily activities and their frequency.

  • July 2024 Calendar

    This is the July 2024 Calendar for English Boards.

  • Can You Play Bingo?

    This is an activity for JHS New Horizons 1 Unit 1 p.16 CAN/CAN'T

  • ABC Quiz

    ELEM/JHS quiz on common writing mistakes

  • 5th Grade Final review Jeopardy

    A full year review for 5th Graders, I used a Jeopardy template I found here, and change few things to make the review compatible to Here we go! 5 , in 2024 the textbook has changed (pptx not updated)!

  • "How many...?" Interview

    This is a very simple interview activity for JHS New Horizons 1 Unit 3 p.34 "How many _____ do you have?" Students practice asking and answering questions.

  • Guess Who

    A guessing game about classmates to practice asking basic questions

  • NH2 AhaSlides Collection 🎮

    A review game collection for JHS New Horizon 2 (2021 Edition).

  • May I? Could you?

    Activity for New Horizon 2 Unit 2 "Let's Talk 2" (May I? Could you?)

  • NH1 AhaSlides Collection 🎮

    A review game collection for JHS New Horizon 1 (2021 Edition).

  • Comparative/Superlative Questions (Warm-up chat)

    A short slideshow of topics students can use to talk about comparatives and superlatives.

  • Learning Home Economics Quiz

    This is a quiz for the Home Economics p.19 in New Horizons 2 for JHS.

  • Birthday Logic Puzzles (SPYxFAM themed)

    Logic puzzle that gets students reading! 3 puzzles escalating in difficulty

  • School Subjects

    This lesson includes a worksheet and powerpoint that covers popular school subjects. I work at a commercial H.S. so this worksheet covers business studies and bookkeeping.

  • Crown Jr 6: Months and Holiday activities

    A board game and a card matching game to learn and review Months and Holidays in Japan. I have also included the large display cards for the months and holidays.

  • WHACK-O-MOLE (Supplement Worksheet)

    The lesson is by unoplusunoistu Here is a supplemental worksheet that is blank. I made a PDF and PPTX version of it. Feel free to alter it.

  • Haiku Activity

    For this worksheet, students will read a haiku in Japanese and English and share their thoughts about them. Then, they will create their own in Japanese and translate it to English.

  • Going Grocery Shopping

    Lesson on online vs in-person shopping based on the EARTHRISE English Logic and Expression textbook.

  • Performance Test: Group Reporting

    Goal: The students will be able to present a report in English.

  • "Be" Verb vs. Action Verb Bingo

    Students can practice be verbs and action verbs with a simple bingo game. Target group: JHS 1st grade.

  • Australian History Quiz

    Quick timeline explanation of Australian history, culture and a bit of multiculturalism

  • NH2, U1: Unit Activity, Summer Vacation Planning

    Students are tasked with planning and making an itinerary for their summer vacation using going to~ and will~.

  • Self Introduction Bingo

    Bingo...but with a lot of small talk!

  • Bob Marley

    A small introduction of Jamaica's reggae icon in light of his upcoming movie

  • Activity Worksheet for New Horizon 1 on "Are You"

    - This is a four-part worksheet. - Review emotions, countries, and sports before the role-play using `` ARE YOU`` - Students must engage in the activity and interact with their classmates.

  • Let's Try 2: Unit 2 (Weather Board game)

    This is a weather board game I created using Canva. Attached to this are large picture cards and the game board. This was inspired by thaist.

  • NH2 - U1 - Show me ~ Ticket, Passport and Bag

    Activity to practice grammar point on pg 12 of New Horrizon 2 (Unit 1)

  • Christmas Food Around the World Quiz! + Activity

    Quiz for Christmas food around the world + Activity to practice "What would you like?" or "What do you want?"

  • Do you like ~ ? Activity Sheet

    For reviewing or practising "Do you like ~ ?" For 3rd or 4th grade ES.

  • Ghibli Sugoroku Board

    Studio Ghibli inspired Suguroku board. Can be used for any grammar or review.

  • NH2 - U1 - Going to ~ pick your own adventure.

    Pick your own adventure ppt with the focus on "going to".

  • ES 3rd Grade Unit 1 Lesson 1 Activity and Lesson P

    Helper for the first lesson.

  • ACE Challenge

    Engouragement poster for your English classroom

  • I am going to & I will

    Grade 2 JHS students will plan their trip abroad. This is designed specifically for Unit 1 of New Horizon 2 textbook.

  • I have / I have never

    A simple or modified never have I ever activitiy for Grade 3 JHS students

  • Mario Kart Quiz

    A game teachers in my prefecture created, not just for English, but for all subjects.

  • Dear Diary

    A worksheet for P115 of the New Horizon 1 JHS textbook. It's used to understand how to write a diary/journal entry.

  • Special Needs Jeopardy

    Jeopardy style quiz.

  • Mr Bean Takes a Test

    A chilled end of year lesson for JHS1/2nd grade where they watch a Mr Bean video.

  • Classroom Family-Feud

    family feud style ppt for end of year/term fun based off taloytay2000's post

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