Develops students' teamwork skills.

  • The boy sleeping on his desk is (UPDATE)

    Students try to identify a class full of slackers by listening or reading descriptions

  • Kahoot! Infinitive (general)

    It is important to learn about AI

  • Treasure Hunt v2 - A Pirate Themed Review!

    A review powerpoint game that involves 2-5 teams of pirates searching for treasure!

  • Name Game

    Name as many things as you can to answer the question or prompt.

  • Have to~ Must (Schools from around the World)

    This is a PowerPoint guessing game about school rules in different countries.

  • Guess who game (Who is this?/ who ~)

    A group based trivia activity that includes many character questions from the internet and the book. (Target 13 - Blue Sky 3)

  • Sugoroku: ES Y-3: What Do You Like?

    Target students: Elementary 3rd graders and 4th graders. It's also relevant for special needs kids. Students can play this game to practice "What do you like?" and "I like ~~~~".

  • Spelling Bee

    An adaptation of NYT's Spelling Bee. Can be a worksheet or played on blackboard

  • Missing Vowels - NH2 Units 0-3

    Group task challenge based on BBC show Only Connect.

  • Anime Guessing Game - "What are they doing?"

    A fun game great for practicing present continuous/progressive with 1st year Junior High School students using images of different anime characters.

  • He/She can~ 3 hint quiz

    A 3 hint quiz style guessing game to practice "He/She can ~ ". Made for New Horizon Elementary 5 unit 4

  • I Found Mewo! (Prepositions with Mewo Update)

    An updated version of the "Prepositions with Mewo" PowerPoint with optional "hide and seek" activity with Mewo afterwards.

  • Loanwords

    This is a game of association on loadwords for small group of JHS/HS students/English club.

  • Summer Vacation Conversation Activity

    A 4-part activity with a game at the end to discuss what everyone did during summer vacation. Practices: Simple past (1st person and 3rd), forming questions, superlative, conversation.

  • The Little Prince (Mini book project)

    This ia a final mini project that I did with my 2-nensei students when we had our lesson on The Little Prince on pp. 122-125, New Crown Textbook.

  • Plan a Holiday

    Students select a country card and must research and write about that country.

  • Peru Jeopardy

    Were you born in Peru too? Well, it's your lucky day!

  • Recipes!

    Students learn cooking vocabulary and follow my egg drop soup recipe

  • Fill in the blank

    Students will compete to create creative imperative sentences!

  • Fantasy English Game for JHS

    The Fantasy English Game is a game that essentially brings English and Dungeon crawling together. The kids are paired up into groups of 3 & 4 and and compete to win the game.

  • Memory Game

    5 Matching games

  • ALT Jeopardy (for leaving JET)

    A jeopardy game with mini-games related to yourself. Fill in your info and pictures and have a fun last class~

  • Kirby "What do you want to do?"

    Family Feud style game for "I want to" (infinitive) grammar point with a fun kirby theme!

  • Gian's Cooking Request (Fruits & Vegetables)

    Have your students shop using "One _____, please" to gather all of Gian's requested ingredients! (Made for ES 2nd graders but could be applied to other grades with a little bit of editing)

  • Can I have your autograph?

    Your students will all be famous in the future! It is time to have them create their autograph!

  • Group rotation maker: My Group Passport

    Do you need your students to practice a speech? Or for any reason need them to be able to quickly change small groups throughout a lesson? These laminatables are for you!

  • New Horizon 5 U3 - Where is Kirby?

    Speaking activity to practice the unit's target language "What do you want to be?" ---- "I want to be a....."

  • Let's Try 2 Unit 1-3 Jeopardy Review Game

    Review vocabulary and sentences from Units 1-3 with this straightforward Jeopardy game.

  • Connect 4 - Review/Quiz game template

    Play the classic game of Connect4 as a review or a quiz!

  • Code Breakers with Conan

    In the media crossover event you never saw coming, this activity combines Detective Conan with the UK show Countdown.

  • English Shiritori challenge

    An English paper version of the Japanese word game called Shiritori. Students try to figure out the spellings of the words.

  • Wordle Word List (High School)

    A list of words taken from Viva 1 & 2, and All Aboard 2

  • Infinitives + Adverbial - Where's Wally Game

    As a grammar point, we are studying 'action + reason for action.' This is a 'Where's Wally?' game designed for speaking practice!

  • "I want you to OO" Janken

    Teams translate sentences into English, janken with teachers, and the loser does the task in the sentence.

  • Welcome to Japan: a review of things to do.

    This PPT activity focuses on all the experiences that you can get in Japan as a tourist; from foods, cultural events, natural attractions and places to visit.

  • Pictionary - Vocabulary Game

    A staple game that is great for practicing vocabulary while having fun!

  • The Questions Game!

    A fun activity to practice questions. Adjust this for any grade!

  • Trashketball (Review Game)

    Teams take turns choosing questions that everyone answers. If the choosing team is correct, they can shoot the "trashketball" for bonus points from a +1 or +3 point line!

  • JHS 1 Semester 1 review game

    A short review game where groups race to complete the worksheet and to review words and grammar they learned.

  • Bluey Jeopardy

    A simple jeopardy template based on the Australian kids show Bluey

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