Past Simple Practice!

This presentation reviews some common past simple verb forms and also introduces the question forms with the help of some practice sentences.

This is a fairly straightforward presentation. At the beginning review the formation of the past simple (the addition of -ed-) and remind the students that not all verbs follow this rule.

Then go through the tables on at a time. I usually make the students do this together as a class, first saying the past simple form of the verb and then the meaning in Japanese. After that, I usually drill the base and past form of the verb twice, having the students repeat after me.

Then move onto the questions, students can do this as a whole class or talk about it in pairs, whatever works best for your class.

After that I move onto the introduction of the question form. First reviewing how questions are formed with "Do..." in the present tense and also with a variety of question words.

Then take the students through the past simple formation and the example sentences.

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    Submitted by GaeilgeAmee February 3, 2023 Estimated time: 20mins
    1. navacesar February 3, 2023

      This is Totes cute! Great job!

    2. GaeilgeAmee February 10, 2023

      @navacesar Thank you!

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