Are you a _____? Find the pair!

Students go around asking 'Are you a (animal)?' until they find their matching pair and then they can sit down.

This activity is related to Let's Try 1, Unit 9: Who Are You?

- Count the number of students in the class and make sure you print out enough flashcards so there is one flashcard per student.
- There should be an even amount of flashcards, making sure each animal is printed in a pair.

- If there are an uneven number of students in the class either you or the HRT will participate.
- Print the flashcards and cut them all out.

- Mix up the flashcards and give each student one, making sure only they see it and the students around them don't.
- Have the students stand up and walk around asking "Are you a (the name of the animal they are holding)?". The other student replies, "Yes, I am." or "No, I'm not." depending on what card they have in their hand.
- If the animal is a match, the students can sit down. If it is not, they must keep asking other students.
- Once everyone is finished, I ask them to identify which animals they are by asking "Are you a ______?" and the students who are that animal put their hands up and reply with "Yes, I am."

- Depending on the size of your class, you will have to have a double up of animal pairs, make sure you tell the students that they can only sit down in pairs and not with three students. The third student will have to keep searching for their pair.
- I played three rounds of this game, collecting the flashcards and redistributing them each round.
- Make sure that when the students play, both students in the pair ask the question, "Are you a ______?"
- I wrote the katana for each animal on the flashcard to make it easier for some of the students, but you can take it out if you like. (Sorry if the katana is wrong!)

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    Submitted by Silverflower18 March 2, 2023 Estimated time: 15 minutes
    1. NamikiHayden March 3, 2023

      Did an identical activity at one of my schools and the kids had a blast! Would recommend.

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