My Fruit Parfait

Students choose fruit toppings to make their own parfait.


  • Print out the worksheets: 1 glass per student, 3 copies of toppings for a class of 15 students
  • Cut out parfait toppings
  • Students will need scissors and glue


Give each student a parfait glass worksheet. You and the homeroom teacher will be shop owners. Students will come to the front of the class and choose a fruit in English. You can ask students "How many?" (with gestures) and have them pick 1-3 of that fruit.

Students return to their desk to arrange their parfait!

Depending on what level your students are at, you can have them present their parfaits to their friends using the script at the bottom of the worksheet.


I recommend making your own parfait as an example.

I save the whipped cream & ice cream for the end so students practice saying the fruit names.

I let students pick one fruit at a time so everyone has a chance to get a fruit they'd like.

Submitted by lazypanda13 March 15, 2023 Estimated time: 15-20 min

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