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A PowerPoint and worksheet for students to lead and participate in discussions about their opinions on four topics. I did this with my 二年生 students and they had a lively time agreeing and disagreeing!

This activity was born from my JTE and I wanting to do New Crown Project 3, but wanting to make it more interesting and a bit shorter.

  1. Introduce the goals of the lesson:
    -Share your opinion.
    -Respond to others.
    -Vote as a group.

  2. Introduce important vocabulary: opinion, agree, disagree, topic, respond, vote

  3. Introduce important expressions.

  4. Read an example of a group discussion on the topic: "Which is best, fruits or vegetables?". ALT can read the green dialogue bubble, the JTE can read purple, and please ask 3 other students to read yellow, blue, and orange. Explain that after the discussion, the group should take memos on each group's opinion and vote on the winning opinion.

  5. Make odd numbered groups of students. Groups of 5 students is ideal, but groups of 3 students will also work.

  6. Students should janken to see which student begins the discussion. Make sure each group knows who "ichiban-san (first student)" is by asking that student to raise their hand. Student 2 is the student on their right, and so-on.

  7. Introduce the first topic: "Which pet is better, cats or dogs?". Students should have think-time for 1 or 2 minutes to decide their opinion and think of a reason.

  8. Students should begin the discussion, taking memos of each student's opinion. We gave them 5-6 minutes to have the discussion and put a timer on the board.

  9. At the end, ask each group which opinion won! Bonus points if they can give a reason.

  10. Decide which opinion won as a class!

  11. Repeat the steps with the next three topics or until you run out of time.

  12. On the back of the worksheet is a student reflection on the activity asking them to write in English or Japanese about their impressions of the discussion and why it might be important to be able to share their opinions in English.

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    Submitted by janeenmp March 27, 2023 Estimated time: 50 minutes / one class period
    1. Euit834 January 11, 2024

      I really like this idea, but the content here is very congested and difficult to read or follow for my students. I've gone through and made it very simple, just have the question with "ask your group members" with the same questions and outcome and it's been well received in class.

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