Self-Intro Prompt Posters (New Horizon)

Posters to encourage students saying their self-intro.

Use the attached jpg files to prompt students while they say or practice their self-introductions. Potentially:

  • Print them and laminate them. Then put them on the blackboard or classroom wall.
  • Show them on the classroom TV.
  • Broadcast them to each students' tablet computer.

Encourage students to use the resource as a prompt i.e. try to look at the listener(s) while speaking.

This resource was prepared for a Board of Education that uses New Horizon textbooks in elementary and junior high schools.

The pptx file for these posters is 2.28 MB. If five or more people comment that they really want access, then it can be attached.

Threshold reached April 28th; pptx file is attached. Thank you everyone for your responses.

Small files
  • 自己紹介 Prompt スライド1.JPG (171 KB)
  • 自己紹介 Prompt スライド2.JPG (164 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • 自己紹介 Prompt.pptx (2.27 MB)
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    Submitted by Keith Miyazaki April 21, 2023 Estimated time:
    1. Isa 2022 April 24, 2023

      want it!

    2. PrinceA April 27, 2023

      want it badly

    3. murasakimochi April 27, 2023

      yes please!

    4. GaeilgeAmee April 27, 2023

      Give it to meeeee please!

    5. somethingmundane April 28, 2023

      This is a beautiful resource! Perfect for my low-level high schoolers. Would love a copy.

    6. Loganreed April 28, 2023

      Definitely would love!

    7. Keith Miyazaki April 28, 2023

      Threshold reached April 28th. The pptx file is now attached. Thank you everyone for your responses!

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