12 Months of the Year

pdf files of vocabulary cards for the 12 months of the year and small cards for a simple activity

I usually teach the months of the year with Jack Hartman's songs,

◘BEFORE the lesson◘
•Print the vocabulary cards on A4 sheets of paper then laminate or put in sleeves.
•Print the small cards on A3 hard paper or regular paper then laminate.

◘Activity with the small cards◘
The cards are good for a class with up to 36 students. Please make more copies if needed.
•Give each student a month card.
•Demonstrate with your JTE/HRT or a student.
①Hello1 (other student say "hello" as well)
②(play RSP🗿📄✂ → winner says his/her card first)
②January (or whatever month you have on your card)
③What about you?
④(other student say his/her card)
⑤(exchange cards)
⑥See you!/ Goodbye!
•Practice the exchange with students' pairs.
•Give students 5 minutes to walk around and exchange cards with their classmates.

There are many games that you can play with these cards, such as, a guessing game (a student walks around with a card and find another student to guess which card they have), a find your match game (either make enough cards to make sure everyone will have a match or make it competitive and 1/3 of the class won't find a match if they can't do it fast enough). Please feel free to use and revise as needed.

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