Colors Treasure Hunt

Team game where teams take turns guessing where the treasure is, getting either +2/5 Pts, a bomb -3Pts or stealing 2 Pts from another team.

Students form teams and choose who will go first. They then choose a color, and depending on what is behind said color they receive points as following:
A treasure chest: +5
A coin: +2
A bomb: -3
A thief: steal 2 Pts from another team

The thief appears from the third level onwards. The amount of each item varies per level, with the number of bombs increasing. As I made many levels, it might be best to move on after the treasure is found each time, as I may have made too many levels.

There are hidden slides at the end to make your own levels, simply copy/paste the item, move it behind the color using the animation panel or 'send backwards' option. Finally select the animation for that color and change the sound effect to: treasure: chime, coin: cash register, bomb: explosion, thief: hammer.
Update: I've added a new version which I hope is a little more balanced, with more items.

In case this file is big, here is a google drive link, keep in mind this was made on and designed for PowerPoint.

I rebalanced the items in this game recently, as I find the students enjoy it when there's more treasure and thieves. I've shared the version I use nowadays.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Colour Treasure Hunt Game.pptx (2.57 MB)
  • 2024 Colour Treasure Hunt Game Rebalanced.pptx (2.57 MB)
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    Submitted by AsakawaSune July 10, 2023 Estimated time: 20min
    1. AsakawaSune July 12, 2023

      You may want to increase the amount of points that can be stolen for balance purposes, my JTE recommended it be change to 3 points instead of 2.

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