Practices colors (red, green, blue, and so on).

Recent activities
Let's Try Lesson Four Color Practice

A powerpoint to help do the first lesson of this unit.

Pokemon Evolution Was Were

Use different pokemon evolutions to have the students practice "was" and "were."

Flash colours pairs memory game

*A twist on the classic memory game where you try to find matching pairs (and forgetting them 5 seconds later...)*


Students practice saying various animals and colors by placing them on a giant farm.

Animal Coloring

Children color animals according to the ALT's instructions.

Favorite Things 4 Hint Quiz

A short powerpoint game to introduce quiz making and a worksheet for making quizes


Teams receive points based upon their ability to answer questions on a 5-by-5 grid.

English Conversation Board Game

A bright and colorful board game focused on getting students to converse in English.


Students design their own soccer shirt using different colors. Then, they ask their friends what colors.

Do You Have A Larger One?

Simple pair worksheet for shopping and using comparatives.

Monster Market

Students shop for monsters in this take of the classic shopping dialogue.

Colour Scavenger Hunt

Help students practice their colours and the names of places around the school with this fun game.

Foods from Around the World

A sleek and simple cultural presentation showing off traditional and famous foods from countries around the world.


Students try to twist their bodies/limbs into various pretzel shapes to correspond to the ALTs instructions.

Vocabulary Wars

This is a vocabulary battle that can be used with any small set of vocabulary. It is great for younger classes, but can work with any grade.


Students touch target vocabulary cards that match categories the ALT calls out. The group standing on the exact card the ALT calls out is the winner of that round!

Who Is It?

Students draw various characters and the students guess the character by their clothing.

Body Coloring

Students color body parts of the giant and robot handouts according to the ALT's directions.

Breakfast Bingo Balls

This is a bingo activity where the students themselves choose which words to read out and in pairs ask each other the questions.

Shape Uno

Students play the famous UNO card game while practicing saying the names of ten shapes in English.

I Spy

Children play a simplified version of "I Spy" while reviewing colours.

Shall I Shopping

Students practice "Shall I show you...." while role playing shopping for clothes.

Monster Drawing

Students use their knowledge of English colors, numbers, body parts, and shapes (optional) to draw a monster based upon the ALT's description.

Karuta: Uno Scramble

Different ways of playing karuta games

Top 5 activities

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