Group rotation maker: My Group Passport

Do you need your students to practice a speech? Or for any reason need them to be able to quickly change small groups throughout a lesson? These laminatables are for you!

This tool works if you want to create 6 small groups in your classroom for something like speech practice. For a class of about 37 students, this would be about 6-7 students for each group. If your class size is significantly bigger or smaller than 37 students you will need to modify the cards and group composition using the spreadsheet.

  1. Laminate and cut the color cards, letter cards, and animal cards. 2.Laminate and cut the "my group passport" cards.
  2. At first, create 6 groups of 5-7 students using the students who are seated near each other. THERE MUST BE 6 GROUPS for this version to work. Students should do the first round of their activity (ex: every student in the group practices their speech).
  3. Give every student a "my group passport" card. Tell them they will return the card at the end of class so you can reuse it.
  4. Students should practice their speech or do the group activity of your choice. When that group is finished and you want to create a new group, place the color cards on each table group, announcing for students to check the color on their card and go to the table that matches.
  5. Repeat this process using the letter cards and the animal cards.
  6. Using this tool, students can experience 4 groups where the members are mostly different each time. *** I used this tool with Junior High School 一年生, but I think older students and maybe younger students can also understand***
Small files
  • Speech Practice Group Rotations.xlsx (11.2 KB)
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  • My group passport rotation maker.pptx (1.78 MB)
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