Stationery GO FISH card game [Alternate cards]

Loved the original. The hand drawn cards are cute w/ unique feel, but wanted something a little bigger. Print these double-sided for image and card back. Cards2 is the same w/ variant images.

Sample images:
- [Look Card]

  • [Magnet Card]

Laminating Alternative: I make cards slightly smaller than standard trading card size and then put them into clear card sleeves. Since I am a trading card collector, I recycle my old broken sleeves for this purpose.

=Please see the original post for in-depth how to play this is just a copypaste=

Basic play instructions:
1. Deal 5 cards to each player and place the remaining cards face down in the middle
2. Janken to see who starts
3. Player 1 looks at their hand to see what card they need to make a pair. They ask player 2: "Do you have a _____?"
4. Player 2 either answers
(a) "Yes, I do." and hands over the card or
(b) "No, I don't" and player 1 must take a new card from the middle deck
5. If player 1 got the matching card, they can now take the pair out of their hand and place it face up in front of themselves
Keep going in a cirle, with each player asking the next player if they have a particular stationery object/card.

Special cards:
The 4 cards with stars are booster cards. You don't match them. Instead, you play these cards at the start of your turn to activate their special effects.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • cards.docx (4.67 MB)
  • cards2.docx (4.65 MB)
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