Frosty's Christmas Quiz

PowerPoint Christmas Quiz made for ES 3rd-6th Grade

First divide the class into groups and made sure each group has a set of ABC cards. Ask the groups to think of a team name (preferably Christmas related), and write the names on the blackboard. Use the first few slides of the PowerPoint to explain the rules of the quiz.
There are twenty Christmas related questions included, each right answer is one point. First, read out the questions and answer options, then give the kids time to discuss in their groups. To anwer, get them to hold up either their A, B, or C card, whichever they think is the right answer, at the same time. The last question is a Bonus for 5 points, you can change it to something related to you or Christmas in your own country.
I've also included some Christmas flashcards, I usually use them at the start of the Christmas class to practice the vocab.
The Japanese translation for each question is included in the notes for each slide.

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    Submitted by amyaad December 5, 2023 Estimated time:
    1. nisaa1234 December 6, 2023

      This is really well made. I love the slides and the information about Christmas. My students love quizzes with points. One thing I would add to these slides would be pictures after the answers. It will be visually easier to understand (for my JHS 1st graders because they get bored very easily). Thank you so much for sharing!

    2. HeyItsMori December 7, 2023

      What a nice Christmas presentation! Very simple and easy to understand. :)

    3. KobeALT December 8, 2023

      Swim in the sea!? Man, Irish people are another level.

    4. peterfox December 11, 2023

      This is a great quiz! My students love things like this but it's hard for me to come up with something new and creative each year. I reworded some questions to fit the level of my students and provided some pictures as hints and post-answer information (I guarantee none of my students know what a mistletoe is XD). I expect the class to go well when I show this to them.

      Thanks for the contribution.

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