Activity applies to Christmas.

  • Memory Game

    5 Matching games

  • Christmas Vocabulary Cards

    Big Christmas Vocab Cards in the New Horizon cards style

  • Various English board materials

    A wide variety of English board materials for all times of the year!

  • Christmas Cards: Everything You Need to Make Them

    Here you can find a lesson modelling how to make Christmas cards with an example, a word bank, letter templates, and even directions for decorating the cards!

  • Daruma Buddies

    Some designer daruma icons you can use for different team-based activities.

  • Christmas Presentation and Present Guessing Game

    A short presentation about American Christmas and a game about guessing what's inside the present!

  • Santa Claus VS The Grinch

    A Christmas point game that focuses on answering 5 W's questions.

  • Christmas Jeopardy

    This is a famous game that I think every ALTs know. I made a Christmas version.

  • Christmas Music Search

    Speaking or writing game

  • The Big Christmas PowerPoint

    Christmas Explanation PowerPoint with accompanying bingo and follow-up activity. Speaking points on each slide!

  • Christmas Bingo - What do you want for Christmas?

    A Christmas themed bingo where students find out what their friends want for Christmas

  • Christmas Bingo

    Christmas themed Bingo for 1st year students

  • Match the Christmas Things

    Students draw a line from the picture to the English names of some common Christmas things. For 1st and 2nd year students

  • Christmas Quiz

    Students try to unscramble the letters to spell the correct word after reading a short hint

  • Christmas kahoot for 3rd graders

    A Christmas based trivia kahoot.

  • Christmas Word Search

    Christmas themed word search made for ES 3rd years but could be a bit too difficult. Also has the words HOLLY and ELF hidden in the search but there wasn't enough room in the wordlist.

  • Christmas Lesson (with some info about Jamaica)

    This Christmas lesson covers the history, purpose and Christmas activities.

  • Merry Christmas English Quiz Game

    A Christmas Quiz game for a full class (40-50 minutes) with three variations targeting grade-appropriate grammar.

  • Where is Santa's Hat?

    A short Christmas-themed PPT game aimed at lower elementary and kindergarten students.

  • Santa's Workshop

    Simple counting game. Practice finding Christmas items and count with Santa.

  • Christmas Food Kahoot

    A 10 question Kahoot quiz where students guess what foods are eaten for Christmas around the world.

  • Santa's Great Adventure: A Choice Story Game

    A choose your own adventure game in which you help Santa make choices while delivering presents

  • Christmas Shapes PowerPoint Game

    A PowerPoint game where students learn shapes and colors while making Christmas pictures

  • Christmas (Jeopardy)

    I make a lot of Jeopardy game and this version is the most requested version by the teachers. Enjoy!

  • Roll a Snowman

    A group activity where you roll the dice to determine what kind of snowman you'll draw!

  • Kirby Christmas - Shapes and Colors

    A Christmas themed activity for practicing, colors, shapes and prepositions.

  • Christmas Word Search

    Word search using Christmas vocab words

  • Xmas Mario 6年生 Review Game

    6年生 New Horizons Review Programs 1-6.

  • 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' song in katakana

    'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' with katakana pronunciation. The English lyrics are beside the Japanese. There is also a Japanese version of the song from another website.

  • Christmas Songs Listening/Writing Activity

    Listening and writing activity featuring 3 Christmas pop songs.

  • Christmas in the Philippines

    This is an introduction to Christmas in the Philippines using the passive voice.

  • Christmas in the USA - (Keynote)

    Short presentation about Christmas characters and customs in America.

  • Animal Crossing: Christmas Dig! True or False!

    I wanted a Christmas version of badartist's "Digging Challenge," so I decided to make one! Please enjoy! Thanks for the idea badartist!

  • Christmas English Board

    A selection of photographs and descriptions covering Christmas

  • We Wish You A Merry Christmas

    A simple PowerPoint to teach the Christmas song "We Wish you a Merry Christmas!" Pictures and animations included.

  • Which Present Do You Want?

    Santa gives out some presents to the students! Let them choose a colored present and reveal what's inside.

  • What's in the stocking?

    Fill a Christmas stocking with all kinds of stuff and have your students guess what's inside!

  • Christmas Feud

    A Family Feud-inspired Christmas activity for a small class or groups.

  • Hanukkah presentation and quiz

    A fun and informative presentation to teach students about Hanukkah!

  • Hanukkah Lesson

    A mix of a quiz and informational PowerPoint presentation on Hanukkah. After, the students can do an activity on writing holiday cards

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      Anyone teaching Christmas songs this year?

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