I see a tiger! Star Wars Game

PowerPoint team game edited for Let's Try 1 U9. From the template provided by rmsmith, and originally by DavoTheWise.

Not my work, I just entered the 'questions' into the template. Sharing it because it takes ages and someone may find it useful.

The 'questions' are just pictures of the animals that feature in Unit 9, and others.

There are 30 of them.

Three teams works well.

Students just look at the picture and say "I see a tiger." If you covered adjectives here too then encourage them to use one - "I see a big tiger."

You may want to change the rules for points if you have classes that might get upset about losing random points / getting points stolen etc. - it wasn't a problem in mine - they loved it.

This is the remix template by rmsmith, please refer to the original upload by DavoTheWise for suggested gameplay, rules etc.

Thanks to them for a great game.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • LT1 U9 I see a tiger! Star Wars Game.pptx (39.8 MB)
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    Submitted by kusobaba March 4, 2024 Estimated time: 45 minutes
    1. lorileelusby March 6, 2024

      This will be so fun for our final activity! Thank you :)

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