Here We Go! 6年生 Key Sentence Board

Key Sentences for the new version of Here We Go! for 6th grade.

We will be using Here We Go! for 6th grade, but since they made some adjustments this year (2024), I had to change the sentences we had up for the English board. I'll submit as a word file so you can edit it if you'd like.

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  • Grade6HereWeGo-KeySentence.pdf (896 KB)
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  • Grade6HereWeGo-KeySentence.docx (2.36 MB)
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    Submitted by meatydog March 26, 2024 Estimated time:
    1. 3dbae April 3, 2024

      Yay!! Thank you for this! Literally compiling them right now - did your 5th grade ES book change too?

    2. meatydog April 8, 2024

      @3dbae yes! actually, we were planning on using Crown Jr. for both but the 6th grade units in Crown Jr. overlap with what they learned for Here We Go! in 5th grade, so we're using Crown Jr. for 5th grade and Here We Go! for 6th grade haha. I enjoyed the resources from Here We Go! a lot so I hope you like using it this year as well!

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