American Slang

Teaches students some new American slang + a fun Kahoot to review with students

This is my version for teaching my kids some English slang. This is a worksheet I made to go along with a lecture I give on english slang. I allow my students to write in either english or Japanese, which ever they believe they will remember better (a lot choose to write both the english explanation and the Japanese one).

I often over act these slang words to help them understand better. I tell them a situation in Japanese, then use the sentence in english/act out a mini dialogue where I use the slang and then I allow them time to try and guess what they think the slang means. Then I attempt to explain in Japanese with the help of my Japanese teacher and use simpler english to explain.

I then play a Kahoot game, where I use gif’s of the slang and see if they can guess which word is associated. However if WiFi is slow or bad the game may not work well.

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  • English Slang Ws.pdf (1.09 MB)
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    Submitted by cbhinjapan March 29, 2024 Estimated time: 35 minutes (without Kahoot)

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