July 2024 Calendar

This is the July 2024 Calendar for English Boards.

I will post the link to the Canva project too, and then you can edit it as you wish. As with my previous calendars, I started with Japan public holidays [which only has Marine Day] and then my home country's [South Africa - which there were none :(]. I then went and found crazy holidays and weird things celebrated on certain days. There were a lot of options for some days, so I only chose ones that were interesting for me and what I thought my learners would like, based on their English abilities.

Here is the Canva link:

I ask that you please do not delete anything, as my May calendar disappeared from my Canva library as if someone removed it.
I hope you like this.

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    Submitted by Monica_B June 11, 2024 Estimated time:
    1. kitaqalt June 17, 2024

      Tried to see it on Canva but it says I don't have permission to see it. Thank you for posting! I really like the holidays you picked!

    2. Monica_B June 18, 2024

      @kitagalt It should work now.

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