Let's Try 2 Unit 3 Worksheet

Let's Watch and Think pg. 11 Worksheet

I thought the Let's Watch and Think on pg. 11 was way too much information to go over without some kind of visual or place to write notes. So I made this worksheet for the kids and they were allowed to write in Japanese (you can change that if you'd like of course). Basically I had them listen to the whole thing on their own first to see if they could pick anything up. Then I read the dialogue myself person by person because the actors in the video aren't clear at all. Inbetween each dialogue I let the kids discuss with each other for a few seconds before coming back to do an answer check/content understanding. For the names, I made them fill-in-the-blank so it's not as hard as having to know all the letters. The intent was a litte phonics practice. Answers are on the second page.

But use it however you'd like, present the info in whatever order you'd like, etc, etc. :)

Submitted by melilisa June 12, 2024 Estimated time:
  1. marksee June 13, 2024

    Thank you!!

  2. ALTCynthia June 21, 2024

    You are a heavenly being for this! Thank you!

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