Keyword Game

Make the teachers say a keyword or phrase to get some points.


This is a warm-up activity to do in groups. Give the students a short list of key words and phrases, and let them try to make questions, comments, or quizzes for the teachers. If the teachers say a keyword, they get a point.


  • You need a short list of keywords. (5-6 keywords)


  1. Show the students an example of how to play the game.
  2. Make a simple grid on the board by writing five or six keywords on the left side, and space for points on the right.
  3. Practice the keywords.
  4. Have the students make groups.
  5. Give the students about 5-6 minutes to try to make the teachers say the keywords.

Tips & Advice:

  • If it's the first time doing the activity, I sometimes give the students a minute to think about the kind of questions to ask.
  • I start by giving the students an example keyword, like "basketball", and asking the JTE some questions. "What is your favorite sport?" or "What sport can you play in the gym?" or "What sport uses one ball and two hoops?"
  • Teachers don't have to answer the keywords only. They can say other phrases, etc. But if the students make a really good question, you can motivate them by answering with the keywords.
  • I write the grid on the board and let students fill it in when they get a keyword. But you could use a checklist that the teachers hold. The teachers just have to compare their checklists after the game is over (since the students can go to either teacher).

Sample Keywords:

There are some sample keywords in the included document.


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Submitted by: NagaokaMike

February 05, 2020

UonumaRobert February 06, 2020

I linked my 'say the word' game to this. I think it was an old worksheet of E back in the day. The key word or Say the Word is one of my favorites. Kids really get into it. I recently had the suggestion of 'Thank you' and 'You're welcome' as good key words to use.

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