Infinitive (Adverbial)

I went to Kobe to watch a baseball game.

  • G3- JHS -Here We Go textbook - Kahoots by units

    Kahoot quizzes by units for JHS 3rd graders.

  • To do... Battleship

    I found this activity that an old ALT had saved on our school computer to practice infinitives.

  • New Horizon 3 Unit 3 Jeopardy!

    This is a jeopardy game that I created for my third graders in junior high school. It's based on unit 3 in the New Horizon textbook.

  • Infinitives + Adverbial - Where's Wally Game

    As a grammar point, we are studying 'action + reason for action.' This is a 'Where's Wally?' game designed for speaking practice!

  • Splatoon Turf Takeover

    Write & race game where teams write what they can/want to do in each prefecture and takeover Japan with their team's color. My additions (art, worksheets, rules) to an already-existing activity!

  • If+infinitive (second grade)

    This is a natural native-speaking activity. You can adjust it for first grade too, taking "If" off.

  • What's your dream?

    Grammar - to be, to + 動詞の現形 Find your partner with the same card by asking "what's your dream?"

  • Infinitive Game

    Teamwork game where students write reasons using infinitive -to for the given situations

  • Turf Takeover

    I have only played this game in my second-year middle school. I have a template version and an Infinitive version. This game was inspired by Keith Miyazaki's I Went to Japan to Use an Infinitive.

  • To - Infinitive Concentration Game

    Review grammar point to-infinitive

  • "It...for...to..." Who are these people?!

    Simple half-worksheet - Students complete sentences for "It is easy/hard/fun/important for me to ______" and the teacher reads them, students guess who wrote it.

  • I want to go to 国 to するために

    Short writing practice based practicing the infinitive grammar point outlined on p37 of New Horizon 2.

  • Infinitive Art

    Zip file of about 50 illustrations portraying the infinitive.

  • Travel the World

    Students decide on a country they want to visit and why they want to visit it. Practices the "want to" and "to (reason)" grammars.

  • Visiting Japan - WRITING FOCUS -

    Students practice using the infinitive verb (adverbial)

  • I Went to Japan to Use an Infinitive

    This is a team challenge of creativity, geographic knowledge, tactics, and chance. It revises infinitives.

  • Pencils and Bombs Review Quiz and Profile Game

    A quiz review game and then a writing activity.

  • A bunch of Questions for Quizzes

    Questions lists focused on various grammar points


    If it looks like ROBOTS ATTACK THE WORLD. That's because it pretty much is.


    A battle power point game similiar to the Battle for Japan activity or Invasion USA. The groups work at their own speed though.

  • I went there to ...

    Students practice infinitive verbs by explaining why they went to different places.

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