"" Who are these people?!

Simple half-worksheet - Students complete sentences for "It is easy/hard/fun/important for me to ______" and the teacher reads them, students guess who wrote it.

Inspired by the greatest sitcom of all time and a line that Jerry Seinfeld never actually said... "WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!"

1) Have kids fill in things that are easy, hand, fun and important for them to do.

2) Collect the papers

3) Read them or have kids read them and the class guesses if it was Junya, Kirari, or maybe even..... NEWMAN!

4) Optional homework - go watch the Japanese dub of Seinfeld on Netflix, giddyup!

Feel free to vary the game method to suit your class. Shuffle papers and have them ask "Is it easy for you to ____?" and find the paper's owner, etc.

I've included two half page worksheets, in a variety of formats to satisfy your uploading/printing needs (because MS Word is the WORST!) I've included the GIMP file if people want to make edits, too

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    Submitted by ShironeDaniel July 11, 2022 Estimated time: 10-20+ minutes, depending on theatrics and student proficiency
    1. Cbxu91 July 12, 2022

      Nice and simple activity. doesn't need too much demoing.

      I'd love to have the GIMP file.
      I'd like to see a version, where there is no "for me" in it. "it is easy/hard/important/fun to..." etc

    2. ShironeDaniel July 12, 2022

      Good call, I've uploaded it in case anyone would like to make edits or swap out pictures or whatever. I'll probably do that regularly from now on :)

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