Animal Crossing Vacation Planning!

Have your students take a vacation anywhere in the world, Animal Crossing New Horizons style! Students practice using gerunds and general infinitives in this activity.


Introduce the activity using the google slides presentation (do not pass out the worksheet before starting the presentation). The first 4 slides are used to get the students excited for the activity (1st slide is the "loading screen" which leads to the 2nd slide (the video, ~15 seconds long). The 3rd slide is the title introduction and 4th is where I pass out the worksheets to the students. You can change this as you see fit.

Slides 5-8 are explanations on how to use the "Boarding Pass". Have the JTE help you explain to the students they can pick ANYWHERE in the world and can do ANYTHING they want there. Then go over how to fill in the pass. 1st is the place to visit. Let them know they can use the idea boxes OR anywhere not on the boxes (really hammer in the ANYWHERE). 2nd is the "want to" portion. Like with the 1st part, they can use the activities idea box or anything not listed. Last is the "why" part. Why do they want to ~? Explain to them they should use "~ing" (but depending on your JTE, it might not be necessary to use JUST ~ing). Slides 9 and 10 are an example of your own boarding pass to help them completely understand how to do the activity. Please make sure to change [ALT] to your own name and change the example however you see fit.
Give the students anywhere from 10-15 minutes (depending on their level) to write their sentences (we allowed them to use technology such as tablets to help them research). I leave the slides on the example boarding pass just in case they need extra help.

After time is up, change the slide and tell them it's time to share with a partner. Partners will RPS (rock, paper, scissor) and winner will speak 1st, loser will go 2nd. 1 minute to speak with their partner was a good time for slower speaking students, but you can adjust it to ~45 seconds or less if needed. Depending on how much time you have for this activity, you can have them change partners several times.

Optional addition: After the partner sharing, you can collect all the student's papers (please remind them to make sure their name is there!) and have them guess who's boarding pass is being shared. You can read a random pass aloud and have the students try to guess who in the class wrote the pass. We did this until the class was over, so if you need this activity to fill an entire class, this is a great addition! You can make it a competitive section and give a prize to the winner, or you can just have it for fun as well.


Link to the Google Slides (don't forget to make a copy to your own drive so you can edit!):
(if the video is not working, please let me know and I'll try to fix that asap!)

The .docx file is the student worksheet. I printed them in black and white to save the school's ink, but it looks far better in color.

The attached PowerPoint is the file I used to make the boarding pass and idea boxes on the student work sheets. It is NOT the presentation to introduce the activity and worksheet. If anything needs to be changed for your class / you think it can work well with another grammar point, feel free to use this file to better edit the worksheet!

Optional materials: Animal crossing themed stamps to stamp their pass to let them "board"! :D

Submitted by momotan May 30, 2024 Estimated time: ~15-30 minutes
  1. amandamh May 31, 2024

    This is really cute! But I think "eat many pizzas" sounds a bit off. I think "eat a lot of pizza" sounds a bit better, although I'm not sure if "eat many pizzas" is incorrect or just sounds strange to me. Just a small suggestion. :) It looks great, thank you for sharing!

  2. Seats26 May 31, 2024

    This is so well made! Thank you for sharing :).

    All the small animal crossing details are very clever.

    I assume gate ‘N64’ was also intentional!? If you know, you know ;)

  3. dshr331 June 10, 2024

    I just used this! It was soo cute and worked out. What I did was at the end, I had the students make a line (two, one for me and the JTE) and I'd "hole punch" their boarding pass and tell them to enjoy their vacation. Very simple and easy.

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