Present Perfect Continuous

Inez has been reading a book for two hours.

  • (Are you...?) Guessing Game

    Guessing game done aloud, in pairs, for a variety of grade levels and grammar points

  • Present Perfect Continues Interview Quiz

    Students makes questions using "How long have you been..."

  • My Best Friend MadLib (present perfect/continuous)

    Inspired by Celestar129's amazing MadLibs activity, changed the format of the activity and uses less paper, but uses the same script!

  • Doraemon Connect Four

    This is a pair game for JHS New Horizons 3 Unit 2 p.24 Present Pefect Continuous: 'I have been reading a book since 10 a.m.'

  • I have played Kahoot for two years.

    A 12-item Kahoot! to practice the difference between for and since.

  • Present perfect connect 4

    This is a speaking, writing and reading warm up activity. It is based of the tic-tac-toe activity posted by rebvandev. But I have altered it, changed it into a connect 4 and added a worksheet.

  • Haunted Door

    This is a 3rd grade JHS unit activity. Student should choose the correct door. If they chose the correct answer, they could see a surprise or a monster.

  • Pokemon Trainer! (How many ~ do you have?)

    The students are pokemon trainers. They have to talk to their classmates using "How many ~ do you have?" to battle, get more Pokemon and evolve them! Flexible for other conversation activities too.

  • Kahoot Third Year Unit 1 - Unit 3 Review

    My JTE asked me to make a review game for units 1 - 3 (up until scene 1). https://create.kahoot.it/share/3rd-years-unit-1-to-3-review/2b61a3c0-1c3c-449f-98b2-974782c2716e

  • Doctor Roleplay (How long have you...?)

    Situation: You are in another country and you are sick. Students will learn useful phrases for the doctor roleplay while practicing "How long have you...?" grammar point.

  • Just, Already, Yet (Worksheet)

    Present Perfect Tense Activity

  • MadLibs (present perfect/continuous)

    Fun MadLibs group activity which uses present perfect sentences (including "yet" "just" "since" "for")

  • How long have you...? Activity

    This is a revised version of the World Travelers activity.

  • Envelope Game (3年 Unit 1; Unit 2 Review)

    A fun team activity which requires arranging sentences (cut-up in envelopes) in the correct order before the other teams.

  • HOW LONG have you played Interview BINGO?

    An Interview BINGO game that covers BLUE SKY 3 Unit 2 part 1 and part 2 grammar. (Present Perfect Continuous)

  • Present perfect continuous

    For speaking activity for practice present perfect cont.

  • Character Jeopardy

    A group based Jeopardy-like game where you can choose your characters and randomly be awarded points all within one PowerPoint~!

  • Verb Sugoroku (JHS)

    A flexible board game where students change sentences based on target grammar point.

  • What have you been into recently/for a long time?

    This is a writing activity that brings out 3rd grade students' ability to express themselves through writing. You'll be surprised that they could actually write and love to express themselves!

  • Scale The Spire/DragonSlayer Game

    Class-Based fantasy Competitive Team Review Game

  • Present Perfect Continuous Slides

    These slides are good for introducing and reviewing the present perfect continuous.

  • Japanese history quiz

    Useful for teaching how to say the year in English which will help them for the for/since lesson.

  • Two Truths and a Lie

    Add some style to a classic game. Comes with a worksheet

  • Present perfect SUPER drill

    Getting students to use the targeted grammar

  • I have been living in Tokyo since last year.

    An easy board game that can be played in pairs or small groups.

  • Guessing Activity " What have you been doing?"

    Students listen or read the clues and write their answer on a whiteboard.

  • Tic-Tac-Toe ( Present Perfect Continuous Version)

    This activity was slightly modified from rebvandev`s original activity which was made for the 1st Grade JHS grammar point. The instructions are the same as the original activity.

  • I've been playing JANKAN level up and writing

    Basically a level up that can be used after RedPhoenix's activity

  • Points Challenge (Writing)

    Students practice the Present Perfect Continuous grammar point by writing sentences about things they have been doing for a long time.

  • Present Perfect Continuous Janken Game

    This would work as a scaffolding activity to expose students to the different usage of this grammar point.

  • Pencils and Bombs Review Quiz and Profile Game

    A quiz review game and then a writing activity.

  • Letters to Santa

    Students practice writing by reflecting on the year, remembering their good deeds, and asking Santa for presents.

    1. RedPhoenix April 12, 2021

      I`m just wondering if these activities can be moved under the tag of " Present Perfect" instead of Present Perfect Continuous. The latter would need to follow the " has/have + been+ _____-ing ~~~~ for/since ~~~~~"

    2. Jake W April 12, 2021

      Let's see, which ones would fall under Present Perfect and not Present Perfect Continuous?

    3. UonumaRobert April 12, 2021

      I’m betting none fall under present perfect continuous since that isn’t taught in junior high

    4. UonumaRobert April 13, 2021

      Although I guess it is now. Found an example of it in Sunshine Two.

    5. RedPhoenix April 13, 2021

      Robert is right. None of the above would fall under the "present perfect continuous". This tense is a newly added grammar point for the 3rd grade textbook. The present perfect tense ( has/have spoken English for three years/since 2018) is now a new grammar point for the 2nd grade textbook. It was previously taught in the 3rd grade.

    6. UonumaRobert April 13, 2021

      I didn't actually look at the activities. Some might be easily modified since present continuous and past continuous activities could be used for this new tense. Although I'd probably remove the tag unless the activity specfically has a 'present perfect continuous' worksheet or version. It will save time for ALTs looking for something to use quickly.

    7. Jake W April 13, 2021

      I apologize that these particular grammar points mix me up so much. Do you think you could e-mail me, RedPhoenix? It's on the contact page. I'll try and re-categorize these once I have a clearer idea of what this grammar point is and what should go where!

    8. RedPhoenix April 13, 2021

      I just did.

    9. Jake the Admin April 14, 2021

      Thanks for pointing this out, all! I think I'll keep the tag around for the time being, but I recategorized the activities that were tagged under this grammar point back to Present Perfect. Maybe this particular point will pop up in a textbook somewhere.

    10. Fernand May 31, 2022

      Greetings! I've been working as an ALT for eight years now. My goal is to make my students speak. I interact with the teacher and the students. I always try to use grammar in real situations. Otherwise, the students can understand how to use it in real life. Just ask simple questions! For example,

      What music have you been listening to recently? Where have you been having fun with your friends this month? What book have you been reading this week?

      Just make it simple for them.

    11. Fernand May 31, 2022

      What I do is to ask the teacher first. Then, the teacher asks me the same question. Before that, I guide the conversation to that particular grammar point. You want to sound natural. The students get the topic of the conversation pretty quickly, and most of them can answer these questions right away. If they just answer with words, don't worry. It is OK. We want them to speak. Don't make unnatural activities, because students will forget right away. 
      I only spend 5 to 10 minutes writing.

    12. Fernand May 31, 2022

      3/3 They hate writing, and they write a lot when we are not there. Our lessons must be fun and dynamic while keeping the grammar points in context. 

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