Kahoot Third Year Unit 1 - Unit 3 Review

My JTE asked me to make a review game for units 1 - 3 (up until scene 1).

Have fun!

I made this myself but feel free to use it however you please.
I had a great time making it and I hope your students enjoy it as much as mine did. Thanks for checking it out!

Submitted by Awinter6 June 29, 2023 Estimated time: 25 - 35 minutes
  1. Rilakkuman June 29, 2023

    Unfortunately, we cannot edit the Kahoot unless we have a paid subscription to But thanks for sharing.

  2. Matthew June 29, 2023

    Hey Rilakkuman, I think that you can make a duplicate and then edit as you need no worries.

  3. Rilakkuman June 29, 2023

    Thank you for your reply Matthew.
    No, even if another person duplicates it, they cannot edit other people's Kahoots if the Kahoots were made with paid subscription features. I've been working with Kahoots for three years and have tried extensively to find a workaround. Unfortunately, there's not one. This paywall is how Kahoot makes their money.
    I'm not worried about it, I just wanted to let you know for future reference. Nice looking Kahoot by the way.

  4. Rilakkuman June 29, 2023

    Perhaps I should clarify, yes, a user can duplicate a paid subscription Kahoot, and yes they can edit it, however, those edits are saved as a "Draft" version of the Kahoot. And the Kahoot company will not allow this draft version to be played (with the edits in place). Instead when a user plays a paid subscription Kahoot with edits made to it, the Kahoot reverts back to the original Duplicated version during gameplay.

  5. Awinter6 July 4, 2023

    Sorry for the lateness!
    I see. No worries. In that case, I will change it and make it so it does not have to be edited.

  6. AndynoPapa July 4, 2023

    I used your game with my class today, and the kids really enjoyed it. I did have to skip the four questions that had personalized information. As for feedback, some of the 30 second questions felt a bit short, and question #19 was way too short. Question 25 was pretty long. I also felt that that the multiple choice questions with five and six options were really tricky because there's a lot of text comparison to do.

    Just want to add a funny story. Some of the students realized they could get lucky points if they could quickly click in an answer on the skipped questions before I could press the SKIP button. In the end the winner was one of those students.

  7. Awinter6 July 5, 2023

    This is amazing feedback! Good to hear your kids enjoyed it. Thanks for the detailed feedback. I'll use this information to make it better (perhaps later today when I have time).

    Also, it's hilarious that they found a loop hole like that (lol). Thanks again for the amazing feedback and have a good day.

  8. Awinter6 July 5, 2023

    The new updated version fixed via feedback is up now. And there's is no longer a need for anyone to edit since I took out all the personal questions. Please use with confidence!

  9. chriswinter403 July 13, 2023

    Hello, this activity is so helpful! Thank you very much for this. If you don't mind, I have a small request since I am unable to make edits myself. Would it be possible for you to add additional questions to the game, extending it up to a total of 30 questions? I understand if you can't.
    The game has been really enjoyable, but I feel that for the 3rd year students, who tend to be more competitive, having more questions would give them more opportunities to showcase their knowledge. Please consider this as just my personal suggestion. Again, Thank you very much!

  10. Awinter6 July 13, 2023

    Hey, I am really glad to hear you found this activity helpful. Also, no worries. I agree that adding more questions would probably be better for the 3rd year students, so I don't mind editing a few more in at all. I will notify via this comment section after I finish. Thanks for playing and good luck with the rest of your classes!

  11. Monica_B May 8, 2024

    I could edit the Kahoot without a subscription. I just duplicated the Kahoot and then were everything was premium options, I just changed it to the free version option. I like the idea but didn't implement it as of yet since my JHS follows the Sunshine textbook and this is New Horizon.

  12. Awinter6 May 20, 2024

    Nice! Please let me know when you do implement it. Thanks for checking it out and I hope it goes well in your class!

  13. jaxwong May 30, 2024

    Hey Awinter6! I absolutely love this version of your kahoot review. It has a very good mix of question styles. However, as mentioned above, we're not able to make any changes on it because of all the cool paid features. May I kindly ask if you could make another version of it but just take out Question 2 / 7 / 8 / 17 / 19 / 20 / 21 / 22. The reason is because I would love to use your kahoot for my students to review Unit 1 & 2 . We're not up to Unit 3 yet lol. It's a big ask but if it's possible, please repost the same quiz here without the above questions so we can use it to review only Unit 1&2. Thank you <3

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