Scale The Spire/DragonSlayer Game

Class-Based fantasy Competitive Team Review Game

A review game for middle school. I named it "Scale The Spire" but all the teachers call it DragonSlayer Game. I usually run it in classes of 15-35 students. There are a maximum of 8 teams possible, but I recommend a minimum of at least 4.

What you'll need:
-TV, PC, AppleTV or HDMI
-Chalkboard & Chalk
-White boards and markers for each student
-Level cards printed and cut
-2 sets of class cards, one with the abilities written on the back and the other for the chalkboard.
-Music for regular play and boss music playlist (Optional, but recommended) I like to use a 1 hour rip of the hearthstone menu theme for basic play, and this Spotify playlist ( for when students reach the final level.

1. Draw a large rectangle on the chalkboard, taking a majority of the chalkboard up. Separate the rectangle into eight horizontal sections (levels). On the side of each level, starting at the bottom, write numbers for level 1-7, and on the final floor, write DRAGON or BOSS.
2. Take each of the chalkboard class cards with a magnet and put them all in level one.
3. Separate the level cards into each level and have them on a table/desk easily accessible for all the students, and preferably close to the chalkboard.

How to Play
1. Students separate into groups (I've found that 3-6 per group works well) Give each group a whiteboard and marker.
2. Display the powerpoint
- Tell students the objective of the game is to get to the top and "slay" the dragon before the other teams.
- Tell each group to pick a class. Each class can only be picked by one team. First come first serve! (at this point, you haven't explained class abilities, just have the students pick what they think is cool -- they take forever to try and consider which is best when they know there are abilities)
- Once classes are picked, move onto the rules slide. On the second rule, mentioning class abilities, ask the groups to flip over their class card, and read the ability written on the back. It can only be used once per game. This is how groups can sabotage or help each other. (balance: tell students they can't use a class ability to bypass the DRAGON)
- The extra rules page may be useful depending on the floor card set you're playing with.
3. Hand each group a level one card, and explain that once they've completed the card and written the answer on their whiteboard, they should come up to you to check. If the answer is correct, their group goes up to the next level and gets the next level's floor card to complete.
4. If a group wants to use their class ability, they bring their class card up to you. Gameplay stops, and the ability is applied. All groups who have had their levels change come and exchange their level cards for the correct ones, and gameplay resumes. Mark the back of the class card to indicate the ability has been used.
5. When a group gets to the DRAGON, announce it to the class and change the music to the boss themes.
6. When a group passes the DRAGON card, announce it to class but do not cease play. Have other groups race to get 2nd, 3rd, ect. This usually takes a full class. If for some reason a team finishes way early, I usually just give them longform bonus questions, but this doesn't happen often.

I've attached the level cards I've used for some review games as a good start.

Submitted by BoyNamedCrow March 8, 2022 Estimated time: 35-45 Minutes
  1. UonumaRobert March 8, 2022

    Looks cool. I used to do a simplified game similiar this I called 'King of the Hill' based on snowball fighting. Each team would answer questions to race to the top of a hill. Once a team got to the top they were king of the hill. They had to defend their position by playing jankan or rolling dice against any team that got to the top. Whichever team lost got knocked to the bottom and had to climb up again. The team that was the king at the end of the lesson or time limit was the winner.

  2. GaeilgeAmee March 17, 2022

    This looks really cool! I just have one question (And I apologise in advance cause it might only be cause I'm an idiot) but for the class cards, do all the listed abilities apply? For example the "Warrior" card is "Choose two groups. They go down two levels. Go down one level." so does the final sentence apply to the group who chose the warrior class? Or is it up to the teacher to choose one ability to give the class?

  3. BoyNamedCrow April 4, 2022

    @GaeilgeAmee Yes, there are penalties for using the abilities, as I felt that would make them more exciting.

  4. hotokeki August 31, 2022

    Do you hand the different teams different cards? Or do they all work to solve one at a time and whoever is the fastest proceeds to the next level? Is it like a group can continue proceeding without having to take turns?

  5. Reiji September 1, 2022

    I made a Dragon Quest version of this game I use in my classes. I give each team an ability card that they turn in to the sensei after they use the ability. Also when I play it, the teams dont take turns and they race to complete the dungeon before the other teams. I would also advise having a new student in the group answer each time for the team to advance so one student doesnt do all of the work

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