Junior Sunshine

Specific to the Junior Sunshine textbooks.

  • My Hero Typhoon 5th Grade

    Click a category and a letter to jump to a team’s selected question click the gold star to go back to the select a question screen. Click the Question Mark to revel the points

  • Mystery Box Sports

    super mario mystery box

  • Kirby "What do you want to do?"

    Family Feud style game for "I want to" (infinitive) grammar point with a fun kirby theme!

  • Word Searches for Junior Sunshine 5 & 6

    Word searches & writing practice based on the Junior Sunshine 5 & 6 textbooks.

  • Welcome to Japan: a review of things to do.

    This PPT activity focuses on all the experiences that you can get in Japan as a tourist; from foods, cultural events, natural attractions and places to visit.

  • Welcome to Japan

    Junior Sunshine 6 lesson 4 interactive PowerPoint game

  • Unscramble My Cake

    A quick PPT game you can use to practice ordinal numbers, months of the year and learn your favorite character's birthday.

  • Month, Day, & Weather Flashcards

    Thin flashcards to display on the board when doing greetings.

  • I want to.... Kahoot activity

    Infinitive practice for "I want to..." intended for 6th grade - junior high school

  • "How much . . .?" Games

    A couple games using pictures of food and prices from Junior Sunshine 5.

  • She/He is good at~ (SxF, MHA)

    Practice She/He and She/He is good at with Spy Family or My Hero Academia!

  • Pokemon Maps - Oh no Kabigon!

    Students practice giving directions in pokemon themed maps with Kabigon (Snorlax) blocking paths.

  • Pronouns Guessing Game

    Introduce pronouns and have students use their pronouns to make a guessing game!

  • We call~ A B .Sunshine (Program 3)

    A fun activity that u can use for a review or u can just have this as a quiz when you have spare time. This quiz is about anime characters name and ss will guess how do we say those names in English.

  • Vowel Sound dominoes

    Synopsis This is a game where 2, 4 or 5 players players try to match vowel sounds of words with each other using square cards with 4 words on them on a table top like conventional dominoes.

  • 4 pics 1 word (Jobs and Professions)

    This is from the mobile application, 4 pics 1 word. This is for the students to practice the vocabularies from lesson 10 of Junior Sunshine 6.

  • Junior Sunshine 5 Phonics Concentration

    An online matching game using the phonics words from Junior Sunshine 5

  • Tinder Trouble in Tokyo

    JHS first graders practice pronouns to help Anime characters find love.

  • Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

    A research-based race game.

  • What subject do you have? (Battleship)

    Battleship, but this time with subjects and days. To practice with 5 graders.

  • Around the World in a Day

    Teacher act as tourists as students give directions as locals in different countries.

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