Month, Day, & Weather Flashcards

Thin flashcards to display on the board when doing greetings.

My teacher used these flashcards to ask the class greetings:
- What day is it today?
- What's the date today? (write the ordinal date, i.e. 14th)
- What time is it now? (no card, write out, i.e. 11:45 a.m.)
- How's the weather?

Obviously not necessary, but I thought they add a nice touch to the class. Also doesn't depend on having nice handwriting.

Print out on A4 paper, cut out, laminate, and add magnets.

Based on the images from the Junior Sunshine 5 textbook, made with images from Irasutoya. Font is NHHandwriting (from New Horizons).

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  • month day weather cards.pdf (2.3 MB)
  • month day weather cards.pptx (7.32 MB)
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    Submitted by lazypanda13 April 12, 2023 Estimated time: 3 min
    1. Sarachans April 17, 2023

      My handwriting is terrible at best so thanks for sharing these.

    2. taliwah April 26, 2023

      These look great! Thanks!

    3. ameykk123 February 6, 2024

      Wonderful ! Thank you for wharing!

    4. junarinchan July 19, 2024

      Hello, can you please tell me how to design the flashcards? I wanted to make my own by making fruits, vegetables, sports and colors version. Hope you'll notice, thank you.

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