Welcome to Japan: a review of things to do.

This PPT activity focuses on all the experiences that you can get in Japan as a tourist; from foods, cultural events, natural attractions and places to visit.

Thank you NaganoSarah for the PPT base this activity is made on. 

Step1: Practice the relevant textbook vocabulary and make sure to highlight pronunciation and meaning.
Step2: Divide the class into groups or have them play individually if your class is small. I have found that dividing into groups improves the lesson because children are naturally competitive and that keeps them engaged.
Step3: Here we practice the game specific vocabulary and phrases, it might be necessary to break down some of the English words and translate them into Japanese. Use any of the four [4] phrase options to unlock a corresponding picture on the PowerPoint slide and reveal a point.

  1. Welcome to Japan, you can visit/Hōmon Peace park.[PLACES]
  2. Welcome to Japan, you can eat/Taberu sushi.[ FOODS]
  3. Welcome to Japan, you can enjoy/Tanoshī hot springs.[NATURE]
  4. Welcome to Japan, you can attend/Shussekisuru the star festival.[EVENTS] Step4: Keep score on the chalkboard, either the ALT or JTE can do this.

*Allow the children to keep their textbooks open to help them remember which verb to use.
*Practice on the first slide marked EXAMPLE to get an idea of how the activity works.
* It is best to use an entire period, as the game requires a decent amount of time.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
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    Submitted by rusty bucket June 28, 2023 Estimated time: 45min
    1. kusobaba June 30, 2023

      Really nice pictures and a useful little activity for this unit. Thanks very much!

    2. rusty bucket July 3, 2023

      Thank you @kusobaba, glad you found it useful. :)

    3. Maria16 December 3, 2023

      Thank you😊

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