Crown Jr 6: Months and Holiday activities

A board game and a card matching game to learn and review Months and Holidays in Japan. I have also included the large display cards for the months and holidays.

These are 2 activities to help students learn and review the months of the year and holidays. These materials also help practice the grammar point, "We have _______ on ________." This was created for the Crown 6 Jr. textbook for 6th grade, however this activity can be used for 5th, 7th, or any other grade for review, or as you see fit.

Included in this post are the large month and holiday display cards. The fonts may be a little different as the Month display cards were created by my JET in powerpoint, and everything else was created using Canva. The board game was inspired by user, Wanifan's sugoroku game.

Materials you may need:

-Board game printed on B4 paper or larger (laminated board games last longer and can be reused)
-Dice labeled with numbers 1-3 (The amount of dice may vary depending on the groups you make in class)
-1 moveable piece per student (You can have your students use their erasers if you don't want to create extra pieces)
-Printed and cutout sets of the month and holiday matching cards

Instructions for board game:

Students will be in groups of 2-4 students, they will have one gameboard per pair/group. Students will also have one die per group. Students will take turns rolling their dice, depending on the number they land on, students will move that many spaces on their gameboard (they must count in English). Once they land on their spot the student who's turn it is, must say the sentence, " We have (holiday) on (date)" displayed on the matching cards to stay on the spot. If the students are unable to say the correct holiday or date, they must go back to their previous spot and wait until their next turn. The student that reaches the finish spot first wins. If students finish early, they can play the game multiple times, you can even increase the amount of dice they have or how many spots they can move per roll to make it more fun. To make it more challenging, if students are unable to say the correct sentence they can go back all the way to the starting point. However if students needs help, they can always ask you or the main teacher.

The second activity is a matching game with the month and holiday card sets. Students will play in pairs and will turn over their cards face down. Students will mix their cards and play rock, scissors, paper, to decide who goes first. The students will then take turns flipping over two cards at a time to find a match. Once a student has found a match, they must say the correct sentence, "We have (holiday) on (date)" to keep the set. The student with the most sets of cards wins the game.

I hope this will be helpful and save you some time!

Small files
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