Activities posted by AsakawaSune

  • Can you ______? Character Search Game

    Students search for a character using the phrase 'Can you ____?', click on their chosen answer and it will reveal if the character is there.

  • What day is it? Character search game

    Students search for characters using the dialogue: 'What day is it?' 'It's _________.'

  • What do you have on _______? Battleship game

    Battleship where students guess the location of coins using the phrase "Do you have ____ on ____?" and get the response of "Yes, I do." Or "No, I don't."

  • Days of the Week Flashcards

    Flashcards of the days of the week with pictures. There are versions with and without translations and/or katakana pronunciation.

  • What do you want to watch? Bingo

    Mingling bingo game to practice the Q&A What do you want to watch dialogue for Here We Go 6 U3

  • What do you want for your birthday? PPT Game

    Where is the character game using vocabulary from Here We Go 5 Unit 2. Students guess a word and select it to see if the character is behind it. Students guess with the phrase "I want a(n) _____."

  • How are you? Where is the character game.

    Students guess which feeling a character is hiding behind by saying "I'm --.". There are 10 questions.

  • Alphabet Guessing Game Powerpoint

    Letters are divided into four pieces, each click reveals a piece. Students can guess which letter it is, but there are false friends (Like G and O). The actual letter is in the comments.

  • What's (Who's) this?

    Silhouette guessing game

  • What do you want to be?

    Conversation examples with picture hints