What do you want to watch? Bingo

Mingling bingo game to practice the Q&A What do you want to watch dialogue for Here We Go 6 U3

Designed for Here We Go 6 Unit 3
Students are each given a card at the start of the game (or just tell them which or have them choose, but that might make bingo impossible) with a sport to use in their answer. Students then ask each other "What do you want to watch?"
"I want to watch ____." and tick of their bingo squares with their partners' answers.
You can shorten the time to make things more challenging, or make it longer and see if they can find them all.

I've included a pdf version of the bingo sheet because my staffroom printer was weird and changed the format somehow.

Submitted by AsakawaSune May 25, 2022 Estimated time: 10min
Inspired by Birthday Bingo

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