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Silhouette guessing game

Silhouette guessing game alternating between characters and things/animals. Quick and easy, it gave my 3rd years a good laugh.
Students guess with "It's a ." or "It's _.".

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    Submitted by AsakawaSune February 24, 2022 Estimated time: 5-10min
    1. PingPong January 18, 2023

      I'm going to use this with my 3rd graders. I'd love to know how you made the silhouettes.

    2. AsakawaSune January 19, 2023

      @PingPong Glad you can use it :)
      I removed the background using the PPT tool or used a PNG image, then I went to Format Picture -> Picture corrections -> Picture corrections options and lowered the brightness, turning the pic black.
      If you do the opposite it makes a white silhouette, which you can recolour from the colour option in the picture format section.

    3. miasma June 2, 2023

      This looks perfect. I'll use it on Monday

    4. AndynoPapa January 17, 2024

      I used this last year (I'm PingPong with a new account). The silhouettes are only a small challenge, so this year I've added animations, appearing very slowly, so it's not easy to figure out right away. It will add a little more suspense.

    5. AsakawaSune January 17, 2024

      @AndynoPapa Nice!

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