Guess the teacher adjectives

Students choose one teacher at their school, apply adjectives to them, and play guess-who with their classmates.

I made this activity to practice adjectives with 1st-year junior high students, who generally encounter a textbook section about adjectives midway through the year.

I demonstrate the activity to the class by choosing another teacher at the school and giving a quiz to the JTE. "He is young. He is handsome. He is from Osaka. He is a PE teacher. Who is he?"

If possible, I try to give several more examples to the class. I try to think of teachers who the students know well or have some characteristics that the students know well. This depends on your familiarity with the school, so you may want to ask the JTE or another teacher if they have any good examples.

Once the students have the idea of the activity, I pass out the papers. They should write the teacher's name in the box up top, and circle any adjectives that they think apply to their teacher. It might be a good idea to review the pronunciation of all of them. They can write another adjective in the box at the bottom if they think of anything. Most of them are pretty flattering, so it gives the students a chance to be a bit sarcastic if they want to. They should also write the subject the teacher teaches, which is usually covered at around the same time in my experience. There's probably a textbook page with the spellings and meaning of each subject name.

Once enough students are ready, I have them walk around the class and quiz each other. If their partner guesses the teacher correctly, they sign in the "That's right!" section and if they don't, they sign in the "Sorry..." section.

Submitted by Jake W September 10, 2020 Estimated time: 20 minutes

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