SVOO Code Breaker

Break the code to write 3 SVOO sentences then write you own codes!

This is a review for SVOO.

Give each student the handout and practice deciphering the first word together to ensure everyone understands how this activity works. Give them a few minutes to complete question 1 and translate to Japanese. Check the answer together so they know how to do the rest.

Explain that they will create their own sentences and codes on the second page to swap with a partner and that they will swap in the last 5 minutes.


  1. Athletes show us that anything is possible. (アスリートは何でも可能であることを示めています。)
  2. Sports Day teaches us that teamwork is fun. (体育祭はチームウークが楽しいことを教えてくれます。)
  3. Ms Funatsu [please change to your JTE's name] tells us that studying is important. (舟津先生は勉強が大事だといっています。)
Submitted by mikanmudcake May 19, 2021 Estimated time: 30 minutes

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