Subject Verb Object Object

She gave him a watch.

  • SVOO pair speaking activity

    A fun, easy-to-explain worksheet activity for 2nd grade JHS students to practice asking and answering questions using SVOO (subject verb object object).

  • "Call me..." train/the Name Game

    Repurposed version of the Name Game using "Call me..." from New Horizons 2 Unit 1

  • If I met...Crazy story

    This is a writing and reading review activity I made for my JHS 3年生 using the target grammar in Sunishine 3. Lets students make a crazy story about meeting a famous person of their choice.

  • Show, find, give, buy Uno

    Flexible uno card set that has students using the verbs show, find, give, buy.

  • SVOO Bingo

    For NH2 Unit 1 p. 12 Can you _____ me ___? / I will _____ you _____ Bingo with a writing activity at the end

  • "We call it _____" Quiz Game!

    In groups, students guess what famous movies/characters/brands are called in English

  • Show Tell Give Action Relay

    Movement activity that practices the sentence structure (show/tell/give)(name)(object).

  • Sushi Scramble 'SVOO=that clause'

    @JoshJ's excellent Powerpoint game. This is for the very specific grammar point referred to as 'SVOO=that clause' in the One World 2 JHS textbook. I just entered the questions into the template.

  • Guess who game (Who is this?/ who ~)

    A group based trivia activity that includes many character questions from the internet and the book. (Blue Sky 3 - Target 13)

  • Kahoot Second Year Unit 1 - Unit 3 Review (p.37まで)


  • Kahoot Third Year Unit 1 - Unit 3 Review

    My JTE asked me to make a review game for units 1 - 3 (up until scene 1). https://create.kahoot.it/share/3rd-years-unit-1-to-3-review/2b61a3c0-1c3c-449f-98b2-974782c2716e

  • Please Make Me a Game

    Fun little speaking game to practice "Please tell me/show me/bring me..." sentences!

  • We Call It... Guessing Game

    A game for students to guess the character/movie/game names in English using "People call it/We call it". Comes with a worksheet.

  • They Call A, B

    Presentation reviewing the "Call A B" grammar - highlighting the different names used for things in Japanese vs English

  • I Command You (PowerPoint Game)

    A fun action and writing game where groups of students race to perform the teacher's commands and then write sentences about what has occurred.

  • Do you call Koopa Bowser?

    Students guess Mario characters' English names with SVOO grammar

  • SVOO Grammar worksheet

    Grammar explanation worksheet

  • Thief!!! (Sarah told me that~ Version)

    "~told me that~" 2nd year grammar Thief game based on ThatOneAlt's version

  • Show Call Make Cards

    Set of 40 cards to practice show, call, and make.

  • I will read Mario a book! BOARD RACE!!!

    Students race to write the correct sentences.

  • SVOO Code Breaker

    Break the code to write 3 SVOO sentences then write you own codes!

  • (Someone) told me that ... Row Game

    Practice SVOO phrases - New Horizon 3 (2021) p. 14

  • Japanese Folktales

    An activity to practice the "SVOO + that" grammar using some famous Japanese folktales. Ex: He told me "that" the news was interesting.

  • Textbook Treasure Hunt (Sunshine 3)

    Textbook treasure hunt activity to review grammar and content from Sunshine 3, Programs 1 through 7.

  • Election 2020

    This is a variation on the election battle game. It is not turn based. Teams work at their own speed.

  • I'll Give You Game

    Students pass around cards while saying "I'll give you ~." Those left holding the cards when the music stops are out!

  • Give Away

    Students scramble to try and give their tickets to friends based on the teacher's directions.

  • Future Deductions

    Students try to uncover their partner's secret animal based upon deductive reasoning using future tense questions.

  • We Call It "Sta-ba"

    Students learn the nicknames of places and things and review what they know about Japan.

  • Given No Bingo

    Students practice using subject-verb-object-object grammar and have fun with no bingos.

  • Cat Fun Time

    A powerpoint point getting game that can be used with various lessons

  • J-Style Fast Food

    Students practice eating at a Japanese-style fast food restaurant.

  • We Call It Bowser

    Students guess the names of different Mario characters in English.

  • Blind Man's Drawing

    This is a fun game that consolidates 'feelings' vocabulary and provides the opportunity to practice Object Complements in that context.

  • I Will Give Her The World

    Two activities for practicing 'I will give her something'

  • English Makes Me Happy

    Kids make groups of three and interview two friends by asking: "What makes you <adjective>?". Then, they introduce their friends to the class.

  • Shall I Shopping

    Students practice "Shall I show you...." while role playing shopping for clothes.

  • Do As I Say

    Students work in groups to respond to commands from the teacher and formulate appropriate responses.

  • Show me your Passport... or else!

    Students will play the roles of the customs officer and tourist in a guessing activity.

  • Give us a Card, Please

    Students exchange cards with their classmates, practicing 2 sentence patterns: "Give me a card," and "Give us a card."

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