Subject Verb Object Object

Grammar points

She gave him a watch.

Recent activities
Anpanman Hero Punch

A powerpoint writing game

I'll Give You Game

Students pass around cards while saying "I'll give you ~." Those left holding the cards when the music stops are out!

Give Away

Students scramble to try and give their tickets to friends based on the teacher's directions.

Future Deductions

Students try to uncover their partner's secret animal based upon deductive reasoning using future tense questions.

We Call It "Sta-ba"

Students learn the nicknames of places and things and review what they know about Japan.

Given No Bingo

Students practice using subject-verb-object-object grammar and have fun with no bingos.

Cat Fun Time

A powerpoint point getting game that can be used with various lessons

J-Style Fast Food

Students practice eating at a Japanese-style fast food restaurant.

We Call It Bowser

Students guess the names of different Mario characters in English.

Blind Man's Drawing

This is a fun game that consolidates 'feelings' vocabulary and provides the opportunity to practice Object Complements in that context.

I Will Give Her The World

Two activities for practicing 'I will give her something'

What makes them happy Quiz

A powerpoint quiz and a writing activity for 'What makes you happy'


A fun powerpoint game for practicing 'We call something something'

English Makes Me Happy

Kids make groups of three and interview two friends by asking: "What makes you <adjective>?". Then, they introduce their friends to the class.

Shall I Shopping

Students practice "Shall I show you...." while role playing shopping for clothes.

Do As I Say

Students work in groups to respond to commands from the teacher and formulate appropriate responses.

Show me your Passport... or else!

Students will play the roles of the customs officer and tourist in a guessing activity.

Give us a Card, Please

Students exchange cards with their classmates, practicing 2 sentence patterns: "Give me a card," and "Give us a card."

I call it...

Students practice the verb "call" by telling each other about the nicknames they use.

May I give you a bomb?

Students practice request sentences by trying to pass off a ticking time bomb.

What will you give your family for Christmas?

Students practice the grammar for "give" by thinking of what Christmas presents they would give to family members.

I'm thankful for...

Students explain why they're thankful for someone or something in their lives.

Teacher birthday presents

Students think about what they would give teachers for their birthday.

Top 5 activities

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